Random Blog A Musing Farf: January 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008


There are some people whose opinions I respect as gospel and follow blindly. One of these people is JG. She is my doggie –guru and the person to whom I bring my dog-related issues. Plus, in addition to starting NYC Shiba Rescue and knowing pretty much everything there is to know about Shiba Inus, she is a good person and always willing to share knowledge and a laugh.

So, when I complained to her that Tiki and Cody (aka Double Trouble) were destroying my home when I was gone, she reminded me of an important theory in dog training: Better behavior through exhaustion. If the dogs were tired from playing, they would not have the energy to destroy my home. This was perfect. I did not want to crate them during the day because Cody cries all day if crated and annoys my neighbors when we do that, but I also was not entirely sure which dog was the culprit. I suspect Tiki ate my shoes and earmuffs, but I blame Cody for eating all the English muffins off the counter top.

Husband and I started getting up 30 minutes early on days when the dogs were not in day care and bringing them to the dog run so they can play off leash for a while and get good and tired before we leave for work. This in itself can be a tricky process because there are some dogs that Tiki just does not like, and if they are in the run when we get there, I do not feel comfortable going inside (actually, I am about as fond of the owner as Tiki is of the dog so I am happy to avoid contact). But 99% of the time, we get there first and then the mean dog/owner even come so it works out fine. Husband tosses a ball for Tiki while Cody attempts to climb trees to get at the squirrels playing overhead. Thirty minutes later, we head home and the dogs pretty much sleep the rest of the day. I think all four of us really enjoy the outing.

So today, in an attempt to make my 9am conference call, we got up even earlier than normal and headed to the run. As we rounded the corner, I noticed it was empty.

“Wow,” I commented to Husband, “We even beat the guy with the cigarette and loud dog.”

We agreed that we were thrilled to be the only ones since we could run and throw balls without worrying about the reactions of other dogs and jogged up to the gates. Locked. No wonder the run was empty. Tiki pawed at the gate and Cody looked at me sadly.

“We could lift them up and jump the fence,” Husband suggested.

I thought about it, but what if the gate was locked because there was a dangerous condition at the run, like rat poison or something. So we decided to do for a long walk instead. We started walking around the Museum of Natural History. Tiki, out of boredom or whatever, started to jump over the 12 inch iron borders that surround the trees and I developed an idea.

We ran full speed down 77th Street as close to the trees as possible.

“Jump!” I would yell just before each little fence. We pretended it was an agility class and were having a blast until Tiki ran on the wrong side of the tree and forced me to stop short, skidding in the leaves on my knees, a bag of dog poop in my hand. Husband helped me up, made sure I was okay (and clean!), and I continued along my way, running (slightly slower) and having Tiki jump.

When the trees stopped having the borders, Husband took both dogs and ran full speed down the rest of the block and then turned and came back to me. When the dogs reach me, they jumped on me and gave kisses to my face. Then, we walked home (and got there about 30 minutes later, or just about the time we would have had the run not been locked) and both doggies passed out on the couch while Husband and I got ready for work.

So, hopefully the doggies were tired enough to sleep today after our walk. I know I am…

Monday, January 28, 2008


One of my very first ever posts was about SWCNBN’s wedding and how one of my most constant wishes was that my cousin M could marry L, despite the fact that both are men. Saturday night, I got to be part of that celebration. The entire family was there and we all celebrated, danced, laughed and had a fantastic time – really, how can you not love an event with a chocolate fountain???. It was an amazing celebration and the sheer joy of everyone inspired me to come out of vacation and start blogging again. Somehow, it seems as though the blog has come full circle or something.,,,

These last few weeks have seen a transformation in me as well. My energy has returned and my appetite is back with a vengeance. (Luckily for my waist-line, I am craving berries and bananas and not chocolate and pasta) Plus, I started pre-natal yoga, made a new friend in the class and actually got a client for my dog training business. A regular, steady client who is going to pay me. Sure, it’s only one client, but that’s how things start… Nine more to go and I will make more than I make as an attorney.

The apartment renovations have started as well and seem to be moving at a nice clip – we are going shopping with the contractor next weekend and already picked out paint colors for the entire place. Move-in date is Feb. 29th and except for the fact that our bathroom won’t be finished due to permit complications with the City, everything else should be done.

Plus, I’ve gotten zen about Evil partner. I am going on maternity leave in less than 5 months. I expect that Evil Partner will ask the firm to hire someone to replace me when I am gone and when I am ready to return, they will not want me back. I will then get a sweet severance package and either go back to my old job (which I loved on many levels) in a better position or really concentrate on my dog training business. Or maybe do a mix of both. The thing is, I hate sitting still and get energy from juggling a million balls in the air. I think that in some perverse way, having a newborn will add to this.

But, the most immediately exciting news is that I am heading on vacation for a week with some girls. And, my doctor is going to write a note that, due to my pregnancy, I need a bulkhead seat in order to avoid leg clots. Free trip, free upgrade and cool company: I could not be more excited.

And, maybe it’s the pregnancy or the impending trip or M&L’s wedding, but I feel like things are really falling into place. But either way, it certainly helps that Evil Partner is on vacation for the next week and, for the next few days, even work will be pleasant….

Friday, January 11, 2008


Wow, it’s been a little while since I have had time to sit down and write. Between Evil Partner and his ridiculous assignments, dealing with trying to get renovations started on the new apartment, launching the very beginnings of a dog training business and just being plain old exhausted from the pregnancy, blogging has fallen off the priority list.

I am actually too busy to really write more right now, except for this assurance that as soon as my energy returns, so will my blogging.