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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So last week was one I hope never to repeat. Let’s start with the basics. I moved into my new apartment, which is still undergoing extensive renovations. We have a toilet and shower (currently draped in plastic with cardboard boxes as the floor), no sink, no kitchen, no living room and are living out of the bedroom. The bed serves as our couch, dining table, bed and desk. The dogs are stressed, I am frustrated and Husband is surprisingly calm about the entire ordeal (which is like bizarro world to me).

Then, to top it off, I was having the busiest week at work I had ever experienced. Three motions were all due, 4 client deadlines and an oral argument in Federal Court. I could have worked all night every night and still not finished. And of course, the whole pregnancy thing was not helping since I am starting to feel awkward in my own body. Just big enough that my belly and boobs are in my way, my back hurts and I am getting sick of this whole pregnancy thing.

But, sometimes, your body has a special way of telling you to slow down, and for me that came in the form of pneumonia. I went to bed on Thursday night with a sore throat, cough and congestion. I woke up on Friday with a massive hacking cough, chills, headache and general aching. Husband handled the entire move while I sat in Starbucks drinking tea and trying to stay awake.

All day Friday, things felt worse and worse and on Sunday, when I could not stand up, I finally paged my OBGYN to find out what medications I could take while pregnant. Robitussin and cough drops were pretty much it. And some Tylenol for the fever.

That weekend, Husband unpacked what he could, took care of the dogs, let me nap as much as I needed and bought an electric kettle in order to make me hot tea to soothe the cough. He spoke to the doctor when I was too sick and carried me to the makeshift bathroom at 3am when I was so dizzy that I could not stand up.

Monday morning, I went to the doctor and after a bunch of tests and a fight with my General Practitioner (I really hate him but only remember that I hate him when I am too sick to do anything about it) I had chest x-rays and the diagnosis came back with pneumonia. A prescription for antibiotics, fluids and rest followed and I missed the entire week of work.

While the construction guys were in my apartment I went to Sisters and napped in her bed and on her couch. I used her kettle to make tea and Mother came over several times in order to keep me company, make sure I was drinking those fluids and check my temperature. I came home every night after Sister got home from work (she brought me cookies from my favorite bakery) and Husband got me soup and bread to settle my stomach. My Nana called to check in on how I was feeling. Various Aunts called and offered whatever services they could, Father offered to make me chicken soup (which I declined since last time he tried to make me soup, I thought he was poisoning me) and my coworkers took on all the assignments without complaint. Even Evil Partner, in a surprising show if humanity, told me to take it easy and be careful of a relapse.

So, while I physically felt miserable, it was nice to know what a wonderful support system I have and how many people care about me. And, while I never want to go through another week like last week again, it was reaffirming to know how wonderful the people in my life really are.

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Anonymous said...

I hope You are feeling better! :)