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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So it’s been a while and things have been overwhelmingly busy. Of everything that has to slip to the wayside, blogging was one of the first things to go. However, now that I have a rare moment of peace and quiet, I thought I would take a few minutes for a new posting.

Over the last couple months, a million topics have come to mind and, of course, now that I am sitting down to write, I seem to have forgotten them all. So instead of concentrating on trying to remember all those forgotten topics, I am going to selfishly update this blog with updates as to what has been going on lately.

First of all, huge kudos go out to Sister. She has put me and Husband and the dogs up in her place not once, but twice. She also has been a most willing babysitter to the dogs while apartment renovations have been underway. Turns out the Cody’s separation anxiety has returned and he was barking while we were not home. Sister has, on multiple occasions, given up plans so that we can leave the dogs with her at her apartment and continues to be helpful in a million ways that I can barely describe.

Apartment renovations were supposed to be done this week, but given the sloppy work of the guys that were supposed to install the stone countertops today, I imagine that there is at least another week of work on the horizen. Still, we now have a functional kitchen and a working bathroom (minus the bathroom sink, which should be installed this week) and a completed living room. The baby’s room is no longer a storage place for boxes, but actually has some baby stuff in it.

And speaking of baby, it is a good thing that the room is pretty much ready since it looks like the baby won’t be waiting until June 27th to enter the world. When I went to the doctor on Friday, I was already dilated 3.5 cm and experiencing what turns out to be mild contractions (I thought it was just a stomach ache). But, we spent the weekend doing some last minute shopping, packing the hospital bag and generally getting things together so we are ready for the baby when she makes the decision to enter the world.

Oh right, and we gave up on keeping the gender a secret. It was too much of an aggravation and so we admitted to those who asked that the baby will be a girl. Or, at least we think it will. We never got actual confirmation but the tech seemed to agree with our assessment.

Anyway, that is pretty much the update. Hopefully, this little post will get me back into the blogging spirit….


wingin' it said...

This could be your last pre-birth update. :-)

New Grandma said...

Oh, how correct Wingin' it was!

Just Margaret said...

Wow! A little farfling...


Long time, no write, my friend. I've resumed writing under a new blog (again...but this one's stickin'!)

I've also been self-flagellating since I never sent you your wriststrong bracelet *hangs head in shame*...I've still got it here, too!

Best wishes to you, the hubby and the littlest one!