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Friday, April 13, 2007


Sister, Husband and I often hang out together. Generally, Sister and Husband both spend the entire time expressing their desire for more fulfilling careers. Sister would like the ability to one day do whatever it is she does on an international scale and Husband would like to work less hours. This week, both of them got their wish.

Sister, who spent the better part of last week wondering if she would be lad off this week, had interviewed for an internal transfer within her company, but to another division. She was really excited about the possibility of this new job because, even though it was much harder than her current position, there was much more to learn and it put her in the right direction career-wise. On Monday, she received the good news that the position was hers and she will start in May.

Husband needed a new job desperately. His hours at Big Law Firm were unpredictable and we were both sick of his having to spend Thanksgiving Day on conference calls every year. Plus, there were often nights were Husband would not come home before midnight. I missed him. He had interviewed for a In-House job with a consulting firm and today, received the offer. This means that he will likely be home from work by 7pm every day (although, it also means he needs to actually start arriving by 9am). Plus, the commute is great. Just a couple stops on the train right by our apartment. No muss, no fuss.

I am really excited for both of them. And, as Father pointed out, for the first time in a long time, it was not me searching for the new job! As a way of showing them how excited I am, I am offering to let them take me out for drinks Saturday night to celebrate (hey, they both make more than me so no reason not to let them pay)!


new mom said...

MAZOL TOV to Sister and Husband!

Suzanne said...

Oh, that is really great news! I am very happy to hear it, and send my congrats to both.

KS said...

I am a random visitor to your blog, so pardon me if I am impinging on something private.

I went through the post.. well, Congratulation!!! God Bless.


aclassymess said...

the happiness that you have for your family is wonderful; congrats to them and you as well.

Husband said...

Thank you, sweet one!

Peg said...

Cheers to both Sister and Husband! Wonderful news :D

Congrats & Best of Luck to them both!