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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


One of the reasons I generally like my job is that the people are awesome. Consider the following email sent from the name partner of Small Liberal Law Firm to the entire staff with the title “Reminder”.

“Israel's Green Leaf Party would like to remind you that marijuana is not kosher and should not be smoked or eaten during Passover.”

I mean, how many people get that kind of email from their boss????

And then, of course, there was the moment when my co-worker came into my office to wish me a happy Passover, “I am so jealous,” she sighed. “Jews get the best holidays. You get to leave work early and have dinner with family on totally random nights.”

“Well,” I commented, “The only reason it seems random to you is that the work calendar generally follows a Christian calendar. We are always off on Christmas, no matter what day of the week it falls. And, if we followed a Jewish or Islamic or Hindu calendar, your holidays would seem random.”

My poor co-worker got so embarrassed that she did not think of that. It was really cute and so unlike when I worked at Big Corporate Bank and asked to leave early for Seder. I was told I had to take a half day vacation. When I protested, I was told, “That’s what personal days are there for.”

I pointed out that the office calendar was ridiculous because we were closed on Christian holidays and therefore people of other religions always had to use personal days for religious observance. So I asked Big Corporate Bank Boss if that meant that he never used his personal days. He had the nerve to reply, “Sure I use them. I use them to extend my ski vacations in Utah!” Now, I am sure he was trying to be funny but really, it was just annoying.

I would not do well in the corporate world. This is why I am lucky I have Husband. He does great in the corporate world and seems to thrive there. And, in a Passover miracle, he may also escape the bondage that is his lousy job!

As I mentioned in previous posts, Husband sought and was rejected from a job that seemed perfect for him. We could not understand what went wrong as the people in the group in which he was applying repeatedly told him that he would be a perfect fit for the position. But, when he met with the Big Boss, he was given a “no” with no explanation. Totally dejected, but not quite ready to give up, Husband asked for another shot. The people he interviewed with lobbied Big Boss on his behalf and, yesterday afternoon on the way to Seder, he received a call that they will interview him again. Yippee! Freedom is on the horizon!

I can barely imagine how great life would be if both Husband and I enjoy our jobs. See, a Passover miracle…


Suzanne said...

Happy passover and I hope that Husband gets the job. I'll have my fingers crossed for him

mara clarke said...

Yes, much luck to husband! Wow that big boss! Happy (belated) Passover, too.

Peg said...

Oh, that would be fantastic if Husband got the job!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

It sounds like such a perfect fit between you and your firm--a fit that few people find in their career. Best of all, you know how blessed you are!