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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Now this is more like it. Husband and I got back on the horse last night (so to speak) and attended an open house for an apartment just a few blocks from where we live now. They served us wine. It was awesome. And, the selling broker knows Sister from childhood and we all went to Hebrew School together. Nothing like a little Jewish Georgraphy to get the good will flowing.

Oh, and the apartment was pretty cool too. It has a full time doorman, 1100 sq. feet of living space and a 2000 sq. foot roof deck, which is shared between all tenants. It is also just a block and a half from Sister’s apartment and if I look out the bedroom window, I can see her building. I like it even better than the last apartment we saw, except that the second bedroom is much smaller than I would like. But, as Husband points out, we want to discourage guests and once we have a baby (no, I am not pregnant, but one day maybe….) it’s not like we will have a space room anyway. Besides, the living room is huge and can easily accommodate an air mattress. But, I digress….

The kitchen has more storage space than Husband can even dream of and I love the washer/dryer. The only renovations needed are a new coat of paint, some cosmetic work on the bathroom and maybe built-ins in the living room. I would also like to build a closet into the wall between the foyer and small bedroom, but that’s not important. You can check out the floor plan below….

Despite the small second bedroom, I really like this place and feel like it could be home. But, I have learned not to get excited about apartments since they seem to easily slip through our fingers and into the hands of people who can offer more money and present a better overall financial picture (i.e. more likely to get co-op board approval).

We’re going back tomorrow to take another look and figure out the right amount to bid. I refuse to get overly excited, but I can’t help picture it with new bathroom tile….


Suzanne said...

Hey! Good luck!

mom said...

tiki and cody really wouldn't like living in the dog park....you know they hate being outside in the inclement weather.......they will have to live with grammy while you and husband pitch a tent!

mara clarke said...

If "mom" is offering to put Tiki and Cody up for a while, J & I would like to remind you that we still have a spare room. You might have to telecommute or take a leave of absense from work, but think of the possibilities!

new mom said...

New dad and I wish you and all the boys good luck. Remember, "good things come to those who wait" and "everything works out for the best". I have a few more, but won't bug you with them at this point! "If it's meant to be....." I just can't help myself - sorry!!!