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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well, we didn’t get this apartment either. Sigh. Maybe I can pitch a tent in the dog park if we don’t find anything by the spring. That way the dogs have a yard in which to play and I have a place to sleep that does not break the bank.

What is so annoying about not getting this apartment is that we bid *over* asking price and offered to remove the mortgage contingency from the contract and we still fell short. Yikes. I though the market was supposed to be in the tank.

Really, we are not asking for much – just a spacious kitchen and washer/dryer hook-up in a pet friendly building for an affordable price. Our needs seem simple but are harder to attain than I would have thought.

Husband has announced that we will be homeless in a few months. While I don’t think that is necessarily true, I am frustrated. The apartment we saw was 5 blocks from where we live now and I absolutely love, love, love my neighborhood. We are going to see a place tonight that is 20 blocks away, but that is so far and not nearly as nice on the place we just lost out on. Sigh….

Hopefully, this becomes one of those stories where we laugh about how we almost ended up with a crappy apartment because we didn’t know better but were so happy to have lost out because a really cool place fell into our laps, although right now I seriously doubt it….


mara clarke said...

Oh, Sara. I am so sorry you did not get the place. Isn't it horrid that simple hardworking people can't find a reasonable place to live. Makes you wonder where single parents and people who don't both have great jobs live . . . .

mom said...

i'm sorry :( there is always 845 u.n. plaza! dont tell daddy i offered. besides, now sister has a roomy new place that is dog friendly and it is only one block from the place you now occupy.

Suzanne said...

It'll work out. Definitely.

new mom said...

There is always your "new room" at our house. I was thinking of making Husband's old room into a huge nursery anyway. Husband may also have complete use of the kitchen since it is barely used. Just bring those darling little doggies and Husband's wine collection with you!