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Monday, March 05, 2007


I haven’t written in a while – not since I went to London to visit Mara and the new baby for a weekend. On the way back I caught a cold which pretty much made life miserable for a few days and I could barely get out of bed in the morning, let alone sit down to write. And there were so many topics on which I felt like writing, but of course I forgot about them as soon as I thought about them.

So much happened this week that it has been impossible to keep up. I had a review at work which was, perhaps, one of the weirdest ever in that it appear that my boss – someone with who I thought I had an awesome relationship, hates me. But then several other people told me that they thought he was overly harsh and anyway, all that review did was make me doubt my every move.

Then C___’s dad died and I found myself crying after attempting in some feeble way to comfort her. C___ is actually a friend from high school and the mother of my goddaughter, who I believe to be the most perfect child on the face of the earth (although she holds only a slight edge over her younger brother, mostly because she can talk and tell me how great she thinks I am). Anyway, C___ is one of those people that you can’t lose touch with, which is a good thing because I can get very wrapped up in my day to day life and without people like C___, I would have no one in my life to remind me of the time I set myself on fire by reaching over a lit Menorah during dinner at her house. Haha. Good times. I spent the weekend in CT with her.

Things had been a little off lately between C___ and myself. We didn’t speak as often as we used to speak and I was more than a little hurt by her failure to give me a wedding present, mostly because I tend to shower her children with gifts whenever I see them. And this year, I had to call her to make sure the kids even got the gifts. I am not sure who really started to pull back first but I noticed things had changed and was more than a little sad about it.

So, when C___ called me and I was running around trying to accomplish a thousand different task and fight a cold, I did not stop to take the call. In fact, I did not even check the voice mail for several hours. When I did check the voicemail, it was clear that C___ had been crying and, my first though being that something had happened to her husband or children, I called back immediately. I hugged her and told her how sorry I was, but that just is not enough to really help and I wish I could do more. And really, who the heck cares about stupid presents. I am a horrible person.

Then, while in CT, I went with Sister to visit my maternal grandparents and got the following advise from my grandfather, “But a lottery ticket.” I think I will take him up on it.

So, with all that was going on, there just has been no time, but I will try to more diligent about writing.

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