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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is my birthday week and, as usual, there are events all week to help usher in the next year of my life. Tonight I am having dinner with my family at Mesa Grill (sadly, Brother can not attend since he is back at Miami University after spring break), Friday is my actual birthday and I am having dinner at Peter Lugar’s Steakhouse – one of my favorite restaurants in the world – with Husband, Photogenic Friend and Photogenic Wife. (Photogenic Friend’s birthday is on Sunday so Friday’s dinner is really his birthday celebration) and then on Saturday, Husband and Sister are throwing me a birthday dinner at Avenue A Sushi. Finally, we cap it all off on Sunday with brunch at Prune. Seriously, I will have gained 100 pounds by the end of the weekend since every of the above named events will definitely include cake, and I could not be more excited.

But, to me, one of the best parts of this week is Husband’s presence at all of the birthday events. Those who know me in real life (as well as long-time readers of this blog) know that Husband’s job is horrible with unpredictable hours and demanding clients. For example, he billed 13 hours of work on Thanksgiving Day. People! He works with banks! They are supposed to be closed on Thanksgiving Day!!!! And, yet, his bank clients demanded conference calls and documents. I hate them.

The problem with Husband’s schedule is the unpredictability. While he knows how important my birthday is to me, I also understand the rigors of his line of work and would not be surprised if last minute, he called to back out of dinner tonight. I would probably cry and sulk for a few days, but that would be unfair to him since I do know that he *wants* to spend time with me. But, despite his desire to spend time with me, I end up going to events alone while he is at the office and many nights, he comes home well after Tiki and I have gone to bed. I did not know it was possible to miss someone who sleeps next to you.

To that end, Husband has been actively looking for a new job. He had spoken with corporate recruiters, networked with fellow college alumni and gone on a bunch of interviews. So far, nothing has panned out. Either Husband was not senior enough for the positions or the pay cut (we know there will be a pay cut in exchange for better hours) was too severe. (Thank you again Husband for working so hard so I can work at something I love for very little money, but a fabulous environment). But today, he has a third and final interview at a company at which he would be happy to work. The hours are good, the pay not so severe as to force us into default on rent payments, and the benefits more than acceptable. Did I mention the hours? The job is basically 9-6:30 and involves no weekend work. I am so excited by the possibility; I hyperventilate just thinking about it.

So, as I blow out the candles on my various cakes this week, I will have the same wish – for Husband to have a job that allows him to be at every celebration for the rest of our lives.


super des said...

Happy bday week, and I hope you get your wish!

Peg said...

Enjoy your birthday!! Sounds as if yummy feasts abound...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Sara, I've also awarded you the "Thinking Blogger Award"...come on by and check it out!


mara clarke said...

Happy Birthday! Adena, Justin and I send birthday wishes and love.

xxoo Mara