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Thursday, October 04, 2007


Several people have emailed me directly to ask me while I have not blogged very much in the last few weeks. I know. I am sorry. I had no idea that buying an apartment was so time consuming. It’s not like in the suburbs where you go into contract, hire some inspectors and wait until closing. We need a Board Package, which has to include 6 letters of reference from people who are not related and preferably owners in co-op buildings themselves. Then, we need business references. The letters can not mention the dogs or politics (pretty much the only things that define my life) and of course, they need to be vetted by the broker.

So, since my friends are lazy, I am busy writing, but instead of writing blog posts, I am writing letters on my own behalf. Board package is in on Monday and then I will resume my regular schedule…


Peg said...

wow, lots of hoops to jump through! I never realized that there was so much to buying a condo in NYC (says the suburban gal...LOL)

Hang in there, and we'll wait as patiently as we can for your return to blogging!


Suzanne said...

Hey, in my own defense, I tried to write a letter! Your broker rejected it though.