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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I remember back a few (okay, more like 15) years ago, when I was applying to college. There was so much paperwork to gather, letters of recommendation to obtain and personal statements to write. Then, when I applied to law school, I had to do the entire process all over again. When I got into law school, I breathed a sigh of relief that my application days were over. It just seemed so unfair that I would be judged on the basis of some papers that really did not give a peak into who I really am.

But now, in my attempt to purchase an apartment (or rather, in NYC, shares in a corporation which will give me the right to lease a certain apartment through the co-op), I am faced with the same thing. Husband and I each needed four letters of recommendation from friends (preferably who were already co-op shareholders), current bank statements (and not the kind you can pull off-line, but actual paper statements), a personal statement and various other documents.

But, none of these reflect who I am. For example, according to my broker, neither the letters of recommendation nor the personal statement are supposed to mention dogs – and not just owning them, but I am not supposed to mention my work with NYC Shiba Rescue (made you look, Jenna!) or my classes to become a dog trainer – or politics. I also can’t mention controversial subjects like abortion, so talking about my work for Haven is out. And, while you are supposed to mention that you cheer for local sports teams, I can not mention that those teams are the Mets, Giants and Rangers. Apparently there may be an anti-dog, anti-choice person on the Board who roots for the Braves, Eagles and Devils who would then black-list me from the building.

So the letters and personal statements are just hollow and generic, which is too bad. If I were on the Board, I would much rather hear about a person who was passionate about their causes and teams (even if I disagreed with their opinions) and, as a person who is making a family dinner tonight in order to celebrate Tiki the Wonder Dog’s second birthday (happy birthday Tiki!), I would appreciate living near someone who was equally as passionate about their animal companion, even if such a companion were a rabbit or goldfish.

But, I guess this way I have a better chance of getting accepted to live in the building. Just like in applying to college and law school, when my applications made me sound serious and academically motivated, I was forced to wait until after the acceptance to be myself. So, once I am moved in, I can be the real me. But this time, I am really serious when I vow to never go through an application process again.


husband said...

If I EVER encounter someone who roots for the Braves, Eagles and Devils, I will be required to assume I have encountered Satan incarnate and will have to escalate immediately and take all measures to do away with this hideous being once and for all. If this person ever were to exist, hopefully s/he does indeed live in our building in the apartment next door to us -- that way, once s/he is gone from this Earth forever, we can buy his/her apartment, knock down the wall and expand our Mets/Giants/Rangers fandom into a larger footprint.

Suzanne Reisman said...

"Apparently there may be an anti-dog, anti-choice person on the Board who roots for the Braves, Eagles and Devils who would then black-list me from the building."

This is the funniest thing I have read all week. I hope Tiki had a happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Your post was classic. Unfortunately, it does not end there. We had to write a statement when we wanted to adopt Amélie from China. Then since she could not write her own statement for preschool, we had to write it for her.

Get your kids writing early so you don't have to write their preschool statement.

jg said...

yes, yes, you did make me look. I saw it the day you wrote it and was too busy to stop and comment.

If I had to write about who I am and couldn't mention dogs or rescue, I would have an identity crisis.