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Monday, August 28, 2006


One thing I need to clear up before I really let anyone know I am writing this. My Dad is totally proud of me and pretty much lets me know that on a daily basis. Although it makes for much less interesting reading, I come from a very close knit family and anyone who knows me knows that. We may disagree on politics and have different world views, but we respect each other and that is what matters.

In fact, that is pretty much true for my entire family. It was a joke all through school that I was related to everyone in the world and, while I do have a large extended family, I think it appears even larger to others because my cousins and I are all friends. We call each other up to hang out and go to the movies, spend time as roommates and even just call each other (without parental prompting) to catch-up and say hello. Husband will tell you that in marrying me, he also married Sister (who lives a mere cross-town bus ride away). For example, when Husband and I first moved in together, we lived in an apartment located directly center on Sister’s commute from Work to Gym and often, when she was tired, she would get off and stop my our apartment for a nap. More than once, Husband came home to find Sister napping in our bed or watching Charmed on TiVo. Once, he even found her in our apartment with a couple bottles of wine entertaining friends (I was not home). Husband’s reaction? To make soup so none of Sister’s friends would be hungry. That is why I love him.

My best-friendship with Sister got me thinking of the importance of family, and siblings in particular. If you have a sibling, you are pretty much prevented from growing too large an ego or becoming too sure of yourself because there is always someone around to knock you down a peg or two. (“You just cured cancer? Cool. Remember how I beat you up when we were 12? I bet I could do it again.”) Plus, life is just easier as a sibling. Sister helped Husband with his proposal and made it perfect in a way Husband never could have accomplished on his own. When I hear about some other people’s proposals and think they lack pizzazz, Sister’s comment is always, “That’s because they don’t have a sister.” Plus she made me laugh when I confessed I was nervous I may fail the Bar Exam by announcing that SHE was the master of failure and promising to be angry if I took that title from her.

Sister also does little things of which she may not even be aware. She keeps me from ever feeling lonely, because she is always a phone call (or visit) away. No matter the time, I know I can call her just to chat. She is my measure, instantly telling me whether I was right or wrong in a given situation – regardless of whether I asked her opinion – and the first to tell my why people who hurt my feelings don’t deserve my time or attention.

So, her reaction to this blog may just be the deciding factor of whether I go back to writing in my little notebook or keep posting online. I can already guess Brother’s reaction…

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