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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


A few weeks ago, I submitted the story below to the New York Times in hopes of getting published in the Dear Diary Column, a column where people write in their amusing NYC anecdotes. To my delight, it was published yestersday and I am so excited. For anyone who cares, here it is below...
While riding a crowded D train back to the Upper West Side after a recent Mets-Yankees game, I noticed a man sitting and intently reading a guidebook. He was oblivious to the conversations around him and just sat tracing the maps with his finger.

A young man, taking pity on the tourist, asked him if he needed directions to someplace in particular.

The “tourist” shook his head and replied: “This is a guidebook for Toronto. I am from the Upper West Side.”

Upon hearing this, the young man shook his head sadly and remarked, “Yeah, I get confused in neighborhoods below 14th Street, too.”


Suzanne said...

Hey, nice set up. I need more time to get into the meat of your posts, but you will have to show me some of your techie tricks...


Well you're doing a sweet job of anonymity by linking to an article with your name attached to it. Brother knows all...he demands to be included in more postings.