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Monday, August 28, 2006


Just to be clear in my first post, I am not the above pictured dog. However, seeing as my employer would look less than favorably upon a blog which may criticize my colleagues from time to time, I though a little anonymity would be advisable. The above pictured dog is, in actuality, Tiki my pet Shiba Inu. He was a Hanukkah present from Husband (then Fiancé), who spotted him in a pet store window and fell instantly in love.

Before anyone gets upset about Husband's purchase of a pet store puppy, I would like to reassure those who care that this particular store deals only with reputable breeders and even had the papers from the breeder to prove it. They also have called to check up on the dog since our purchase and made us promise to bring him back to visit (which we have done). In fact, the purpose behind this particular store is to buy from breeders who show their dogs. They buy the dogs that are somehow “imperfect” (although I defy anyone to tell me Tiki is in any way less than ideal) and sell them to City folk as pets. If for some unfathomable reason I ever decide I can not keep my beloved Tiki, I am contractually obligated to inform the breeder and work with them to find him a new home. So there!

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