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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I had a reoccurring epiphany last night. I live way outside my means. I mean reoccurring because every so often, I remember that I essentially work as a public interest lawyer (and make a small salary as a result) and can not afford to have or do the things my big-firm lawyer friends can afford. But then, I decide that debt is a problem for my heirs and rack up credit card bills. So, in an effort to actually pay down a little debt, I am back on a budget.

I am making an early New Year’s resolution to pay down my debt. That means less nights out for dinner with the girls and sometimes, dinner will be tuna out of the can instead of sushi from down the street. That’s okay. I am burdened with tons of debt from living of my credit cards while studying for the bar, law school student loans (Mother generously paid off about half of my loans, for which I will forever be grateful, but the remaining amount is still a number I can’t fathom), and general living expenses.

So, I made a list of all the things I am willing to give up and the things I am not. Here is what I am keeping: cell phone, gym, trainer, occasional brunches with sister, hair highlights, planned trip to London in late Feb/early March to see Mara when she has the baby, occasional manicures.

Here is what I am passing on: Coffee from anywhere free stuff in the office, dinners/drinks with friends, planned birthday trip to Colorado in late March/early April to go skiing, expensive hairdresser (I am sorry Ezzie, I will miss you more than you know!!!), dental appointments with longtime dentist who does not accept my insurance, facials and reflexology (sigh), buying books instead of going to the library.

Looking at my list of what I am giving up is making me very sad. And after the New Year, if you invite me for a drink or dinner and I decline, don’t be offended, I am just trying to save some cash.


new mom said...

Good luck! Do you think you'll even make it to New Year's Eve?

BROTHER said...

You should try my budget: Get a dog so mom is forced to pay off inflated credit card bills monthly!!

DJ loves his grammy.

suzanne said...

Well, if I invite you to drinks, I will gladly pick up the bills. Especially since "drinks" to me are coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or diet pop.

mara said...

I am glad I am still on the list! And I will feed you when you are here. Also, I did a similar paring down a few years back when I lived in NYC and after the initial shock, loved the pared down life. I walked more (no more cabs) and really got to know all the wonderful free things to do and see in NYC. Good luck!

wingin' it said...

I hope this isn't becuase we left the sheets and towel for you to launder yesterday. I would feel awful is that was the coin that broke the piggy bank :-(

Suzanne said...

I started pricing out flights, but hopefully British Airways will have a sale right after the New Year. I signed up for email alerts on fare sales. I am so excited for our trip.

montchan said...

good luck! We live outside our means too. Except that instead of planning a budget, I decided to shoot and produce my own movie this coming spring. if I'm gonna go into debt and spend the rest of my days in a foreign jail for non-payments, at least let me go for something I've always wanted to do.

happy holidays!