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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I think I must be totally sadistic when the sight of a crying child makes me happy, but this weekend, it did.

On Saturday, Husband and I hosted a little Hanukkah party for Stitch and his wife, plus Stitch’s two children ages 4 and 5. We lit Hanukkah candles, said prayers, Husband made latkes and played deride. Of course, there were also donuts and presents. Both girls (I only wanted to impress them and could have cared less if the grown-ups had fun) seemed to have a blast and there are several pictures on my refrigerator, thanks to their artistic efforts.

Then, on Sunday, Florida cousins came to town with their not quite 3-year old, Lauren. Lauren was smart, cute and well-behaved. After dinner, Husband and I invited them back to our apartment to play with Tiki and hang out for a few minutes. Since we had hosted young children the night before, we had everything a toddler needed to be happy – juice boxes, age appropriate movies and a dog who grudgingly shared his toys. Lauren pretended she was a dog (including giving Husband “doggie kisses” in the form of face licks) and watched School House Rock while sipping on a juice box. She was in heaven and announced that she was going to stay with us. Florida Cousins patiently explained that if she stayed over our house, her mommy and daddy would not be there, but Lauren did not seem to care. She was staying.

When the rationalizing failed, Florida Cousins resorted to the no-nonsense voice parents often use when their child is exhibiting free will and simply picked her up and put on her coat. At this moment, Lauren burst into tears, insisting that she could go to school in NY.

We promised future visits and dinosaur sheets next time she came and, although the crying subsided to a level where no one would think she was a victim of violent crime, Lauren was still unhappy.

When Florida Cousins left and the door closed, Husband and I looked at each other and smiled. In some way, the fact that Lauren did not want us to leave felt really good. So, yes, we are slightly sadistic, but apparently we show the 6 and under set a rocking good time.

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wingin' it said...

nothing says "a good time was had by all" like a crying child. somehow it's different when you go to a grown-up party and the guests leave crying...tho it still makes me laugh :-)