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Friday, December 08, 2006


Sister is in Thailand and Cambodia for the next couple of weeks. She left on December 3 and won’t be back for what feels like forever. I knew I would miss her being gone, but I didn’t realize how much of my life was spent talking to her and being with her until she left.

I have been really busy this week catching up with old friends, celebrating Husband’s birthday, admiring duct-tape Suzanne and generally keeping myself busy. But today, I am at a loss. I am going to leave work soon and head to the gym, but then what? Husband is working late, Suzanne (the living one) has a friend in town, Wuzi is doing something with other people and SWCNBN lives too far away to call her just to catch a movie. The round trip alone would take longer than the film. Sigh. I do have a movie on DVD I’ve been meaning to watch and I am reading a wonderful book about the war in the Sudan called “What is the What”, and I can snuggle with Tiki, but all of this means I am by myself without human companionship.

In situations like this, when Sister was in town, the analysis would not even go to what other people are doing. We would have just assumed we had plan on a Friday night and the surprise would be if we didn’t.

I barely got any personal emails today either. No headlines from Yahoo or funny pictures from People.com. Sure, I used the time to actual work and was pretty productive, but the day seemed to drag without sister there to make me laugh.

Sure, there are people I suppose I could call – there is P (but that is sinking very low and frankly, I would rather spend time alone then with her) and there are assorted others, but the person I really want to see is Sister.

So, I am heading to the gym and counting the days until she comes back. And, in case Sister stops shopping long enough to check this blog, hurry home!

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