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Friday, February 09, 2007


Peg wrote on her blog today about a love note her husband left her. You can see the picture here, but it was a shopping list written on the bathroom mirror and circled with a heart. I thought it was adorable that he would leave her such a mundane note this way and it reminded me of the time, right before I met Husband, that Mother told me love is in the details. Peg’s story is a perfect example of this.

Husband is not the type to leave a shopping list on the mirror surrounded by a heart (much too fastidious for that – do you know how long it would take to clean?) but he does other things to let me know he loves me. For example, almost every night this week he has brought home a dark chocolate treat for me and on other nights, when he works late, he comes home with a bagful of Diet Peach Snapple. (One of my favorite beverages) I like waking up in the morning and opening the refrigerator to find the Snapple. It lets me know that even if Husband worked until 2am, he was thinking of me.

And, I think Mother’s theory that love is in the details can even be more generalized than just romantic relationships. Sister played fashion consultant to me in her apartment before a Bar Mitzvah, ensuring that I was appropriately dressed for the occasion. Then she lent me three dresses because I could not decide which to wear, including one that she had never worn. She even missed her new favorite show, Without a Trace, in order to do this.

Mother calls me every morning and Father always brings back snow globes for me from over place he travels, even if it is only Philadelphia. When a place does not have snow globes (i.e. South Korea), he comes home apologizing. And everything Brother-in-Law gets for me is in purple, including a giant vase filled with marbles and candles in varying shades.

I like that Peg’s blog made me think today about all the little nice things that people have done for me. The things that, akin to shopping lists as love notes, we can hold onto when we are lonely and need to remember that we are loved.


Peg said...

Awww! I'm so glad you enjoyed that post...Your mother is a very wise woman, (and I happen to agree with her) I too think love IS in the details. And the details can really add up.

and, BTW--fastidious we are not!

You Don't Know Me said...

I know what you mean about appreciating the things people do for us - every night my husband makes the bed and tucks me in - and I love him for it!!

Suzanne said...

That was very beautifully said. Husband often brings me back Kinder Surprises (chocolate eggs with awesome tiny toys inside) for my future Kinder Toy Museum, which I hope to open someday in our apartment. (Mara doubled my collection by donating all her toys before she moved to London, so I am very excited for the gallery that I shall name in her honor.)