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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thirteen Things about Farf

I woke up in a wonderful mood this morning, which has not diminshed at all during the day. So, without ado, here are thirteen things that have made me happy today.

1. Watching the birds fly in flocks outside my office window. Sure, they are likely only pigeons, but they look beautiful swooping and flying in intracate patterns.

2. The sun on my face through the bus window warming me up even though it is freezing cold outside.

3. Tiki (my dog) being perfectly behaved during this morning's walk and even sitting and looking at me when there were other dogs and birds to chase on the street.

4. Husband is doing my taxes so I do not have to even pay them the slightest attention this year. (Note, I never paid them attention since my Uncle always completed them, but Husband had taken over that role and the transition has gone swimmingly for me.)

5. Sister and I are planning a weekend away this spring to a spa in Connecticut and suddenly, early March seems right around the corner.

6. Despite the fact that I have gained almost 10 lbs. since my wedding, two strangers today told me I look thin and wonderful.

7. The water in the shower this morning was super hot and even though I took an extra long shower this morning, the hot water did not cool off at all.

8. I can wear jeans and sneakers to work.

9. My afternoon meeting and conference call were cancelled and it is as though I suddenly found an extra several hours to the day.

10. The cardamom, ginger and fennel tea I am drinking right now has been brewed to perfection and even though I am at work, I am as relaxed as if I was in pajamas on my couch with Tiki snuggled next to me.

11. I got reimbursed for expenses at work that I had forgotten about and suddenly there is $12 extra in my pocket which I immediately used to splurge on a taxi ride.

12. Most of the television shows I like are on tonight so I can veg for hours in front of the television tonight after teaching my class.

13. I remembered it was Thursday in time to participate in the Thursday 13!

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Stacie said...

Hello! What a wonderful list. Which spa in CT are you going to? I live just down the street from the Norwich Inn and Spa..it's FAB!
You're dog sounds like a sweetie and that tea sounds yummy. Happy Thursday Thirteen! I played too.

Rose said...

Hiya, I enjoyed your list. I'm not sure if I have been to your blog before so it was nice to drop by and read some things about you. It is great that your hubby is doing the taxes this year & you can save some money.

Qtpies7 said...

What a nice day for you! I once flaked out on a conference, and the teachers were all so happy becuase they got some free time! I felt bad until every one of them said how great it was, lol. I'm hoping for a nice, happy day soon!

Mom's Secret Life said...

Perfect! What a happy TT!

I am participating in the TT Meet & Greet this week and followed you over from the Delightful Dutchess site.

L^2 said...

Sounds like you are having a great day. :-) Thanks for visiting my list.

Peg said...

excellent list! it's always so wonderful to be able to appreciate the good things in life!

Rashenbo said...

Ahhh, what a great list! Someone can get happy just reading about the things that made you happy! That's so awesome!

:) Thank you for sharing!

Anne Douglas said...

6. Despite the fact that I have gained almost 10 lbs. since my wedding, two strangers today told me I look thin and wonderful.

God bless Strangers!

Anonymous said...

Great post and sounds like you had a great day.

We are planning a trip to NYC in August and only hope I can figure out the best way to get there and then there is the parking. I didn't think any place could be worse that the DC area.

happy TT

mom said...

My dad looked really good today and even though he will be in rehab for at least another week I feel that we have turned the corner on his road to recovery.

Amy said...

Ahhh, #5 sounds blissful. Enjoy your visit!

#7 is about my level of bliss these days. :)

Happy T13--and thanks for sharing your happiness with the rest of us.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm just getting started thanks it is great.