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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


It’s snowing outside. The first real, stick to the ground and cover everything in white storm of the year. It’s also Valentine’s Day, which is a holiday I never really got into except for the fact that every year Mother buys me new underwear and bras to give to me on February 14th. I am wearing the latest pair now and they are super comfy and very cute. The kind of underwear that makes you feel sexy even when wearing snow boots because you forgot to bring shoes to work and have to spend the first five minutes at your desk picking icicle out of your hair.

This is my first Valentine’s Day as part of a married couple - it’s also the first year that Husband and I have decided to not really celebrate. No gifts and a quick dinner at a local place we have been meaning to try for several months now. But, in the spirit of the holiday (and because Sister is annoyed that her embarrassing stories are still my most recent post) I will just take a second to publicly let Husband know how wonderful he is with this open letter.

Dear Puppy (that is my nickname for him):

I wanted to take a second this Valentine’s Day to let you know how incredibly special you are to me. More than just being a wonderful husband, you are a wonderful friend and I can not imagine life without you.

You are the funniest person I know (sorry Brother and Father) – even if at times I refuse to laugh at your inane jokes. After all, before I met you, I never understood how perfectly a well-timed fart could serve as a punch line. I love how you sound like an Indian-born Rodney Dangerfield whenever you try to mimic a voice and I will never forget how, on our first date, you convinced a Brazilian TV station that you were newly immigrated to the United States.

You are also generous with everything from material possessions to body heat and (grudgingly) let me curl up against you on cold nights and warm my tooshie on your belly and my feet on your legs. You share a bed (again grudgingly) not just with me but with a giant purple bear who, even though you call “stupid,” I think you secretly like.

When I am scared you tell me to “toughen up” but then provide a hand to hold for as long as I need it and the sound of my laughter alone is enough to make you laugh. You waited for me to watch ‘Heroes’ last Monday night, even though you were home alone and I was away on business and no matter how late we watch scary shows like ‘Supernatural’ you let me watch cartoons for a while afterwards so I won’t have nightmares.

So far (with the exception of that day you threw a tempter tantrum because the Giants lost an important game), every day with you has been a gift. I know you know all of this already, but I hope this serves as a reminder that when you offer to walk the dog late at night in the freezing cold, I don’t take it for granted.



Suzanne said...

Very sweet and most amusing.

Peg said...

Awww...*smooooosh* That is so sweet! He sounds like a pretty fantastic guy, and you are lucky to have found him.

A good guy is hard to find--cherish him!

OK, now I have to go read or write something sarcastic and biting, or I'm going to get all weepy!

husband said...

I love you too, sweet Kitten!