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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thirteen Things about Kaos by Farf

(My list is organge today because that is SWCNBN's most favorite color and I feel bad we haven't spoke in so long so this is a little tribute to her.)

1. In July 2006, Jenna and her dog, Snickers, met a homeless man this named Benedict. He has a 6 month old puppy named Kaos. Kaos is one well-kept, good looking dog and she was clearly devoted to Benedict.

2. Benedict said he took her from a man that was training her for the dog fights. (For those of you that don’t live in NYC, yes, we have underground dog fights here). Anyway, Benedict took Kaos away from that takes very good care of her. His backpack, which was mostly all he had, was full of dog food. Kaos was healthy and had been given distemper, parvo and rabies shots.

3. Kaos stands for "Kicks Ass On Spot", which is just that much cuter because she’s such a sweet dog.

4. In November 2006, Kaos and Benedict relied onthe help of friends and dog lovers to get a flight to Miami so they could leave NYC before it got too cold for Kaos. (Dogs are not allowed in shelters).

5. In February 2007, Benedict left Kaos at a human homeless shelter and didn’t return for her, so they called Animal Services. Something must have happened to him. The shelter had his name and everything, so it’s not like he dropped her and ran. Anyway, he didn’t go back, she went into the shelter, and he hasn’t tried to get her out.

6. A person in South Georgia (500 miles from Miami) offered to foster Kaos for a week.

7. We can transport Kaos to anyone who would be able to offer her a forever home.

8. Kaos is fabulous with other dogs and, when she went to the vet, Kaos was SO GOOD with the other dogs in the waiting room. Another dog there was aggressively barking at her, but Kaos took it all in stride.

9. Kaos is a big dog and therefore considered 'unadoptable' by most shelters. This greatly increases the chances that she will be euthenized if brought to an animal shelter.

10. Kaos has a full and loving life ahead of her and does not deserve to die just because she had the bad luck to be left in the care of someone who was not responsible for her.

11. You can read all about Kaos and see more pictures by clicking on Jenna's website at http://nycgadgetgirl.com/jg/tales_of_kaos/

12. I would be willing to help defray the cost of anyone who could adopt this sweet baby.

13. Kaos needs a forever home (or at the least, long term foster care). If you can help, please comment and I will email you directly.

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L^2 said...

Kaos sounds like a great dog. I hope she finds her forever home soon.
Happy TT! :-)


My husband says that if we went to the pound, I would "try to collect them all."

I wish you all the luck in the world with finding a home for Kaos & admire you greatly for doing this.


I borrowed one of your pictures in order to post about this. In an ideal world you would have your pick of good homes to choose from. Keep us posted on what happens with Kaos.

Peg said...

I wish...if he were still in NYC--perhaps...I'm heading down to New York on Saturday with one of my sisters, and we are off to visit another sister...

Alas, he's in Miami now, and I can't really help there. *sniff* He looks so sweet--and I so want a dog (I have a cat--not being a cat person, I think having a dog is the perfect foil)...plus, I love dogs...so smart...so sweet...so loving...so loyal...

Maybe next time...

Sara said...

Please - borrow pics, post about this and whatever it takes. My heart breaks for her and I would willingly fly to her her new forever home!

Aimee said...

I linked to your article. If you ever want me to post anything else about this please get in touch with me. I am more than happy to do so!

jg said...

Thanks for posting about Kaos.

Just as an update, my volunteer to pick her up from Miami Dade Animal Services and transport her to the vet where I'll be boarding her temporarily has disappeared, so if anyone knows anyone in Miami with two hours this afternoon to help save Kaos, please contact me.

jg said...

I have a volunteer to pull Kaos from the shelter. It's going to work out!!!

jg said...

Kaos is headed to a short term foster today, but we still need an adoptive home for her.

jg said...

As of about an hour ago, Kaos has a home! We'll be tranporting her from foster to forever as soon as we can get it set up.