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Monday, May 07, 2007


So much to write about and so little time lately, but I am commited to going back to daily postings (at least Monday through Friday) so no better time to start than now.

Plus, yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary. Husband and I celebrated with a leisurely day of hanging in the backyard and then dinner at the same place where he proposed. It was utterly romantic and wonderful, except that I drank too much Sake and basically had to be carried home. But, when I woke up this morning, I was in bed, my clothes neatly folded on my dresser and a glass of water was on my nightstand and a trash can (just in case!) was next to the bed. This just proved that Husband is the most wonderful person ever.

Actually, Husband and I were discussing this weekend all the reasons our relationship is so great (don’t make fun, we know we were being sappy) and we actually realized that its because we both understand that nothing is more important than family, and act accordingly.

For example, two weekends ago, Cousin Ado and T, Cousin ‘Thew and L and their parents all came to New York. Ado and T stayed in my apartment and on Saturday night, Husband and I hosted a barbecue for the family (Husband was particularly proud of his curry spiced lamb chops). We spent the weekend hanging out together just walking around the City, relaxing and playing Taboo. (Note: The way to get someone to say Ceasar is not to use the clue “Et tu Brutus?” but do simply say “lettuce, croutons, dressing.” There is no room for braininess in Taboo!)

Last weekend, BiL and his girlfriend came to NYC to celebrate her birthday and we all went out to dinner. On Sunday, Sister came over to the apartment to dress me for the anniversary dinner (she really has much better taste in clothes) and Father stopped by as well on his way into town from CT in order to sample for Gelato at a newly opened location. And this weekend, Husband and I will be in CT visiting his parents and then at a 65th anniversary brunch for my Nana and Poopsie!

And yet, despite all these obligations, we don’t begrudge each other time with our families and, in reality really enjoy spending time with them. It’s been a really nice foundation for the last year and I am looking forward to all there is yet to come.

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new mom said...

Happy Anniversary! When I read your sake tale, all I could think about was that Husband must have inherited those same traits from his dad - even down to the wastepaper basket next to the bed, "just in case".
Glad to see you're back writing. See you this weekend. I've missed you!