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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Peg had this really cool thing on her site where she answered five questions sent to her from someone else and I begged to be allowed to play along. She kindly acquiesced so here are Peg’s questions and my answers.

1.. How did you decide upon the title to your blog?

Farf is my childhood nickname. My entire family on my mother’s side calls me Farf and it is how I refer to myself. I seriously think my little brother (who is 11 years younger than me) did not know my actual name is Sara until he was 5 or 6. The “Amusing” part came from the play on the word “musing” and is also a little inside joke with my immediate family who constantly vote me as least funny family member.

2.. You work in a law firm with some pretty interesting people. What one person at the firm has had the biggest impact on your career there, and why?

The person who had the biggest impact on my career is, ironically, someone who I don’t work for all that often. The former hiring partner hired me as a lawclerk and then really pushed for me to be hired as an associate. He fights for me and sticks his neck out when I screw up and makes sure everyone knows when I am successful. He even told me in advance what to say during my interview so I could do really well. Without him, there is no way I would be working here.

3.. Your work at the Haven Coalition has surely brought you in contact with many women who are in difficult circumstances. Is there one woman's story that touched in some way more than any other?

All the stories are different and both inspiring and heartbreaking all at once. But, if there was anyone who really touched me, it was the first woman with whom I came into contact. I expected someone very different than me, someone with whom I would have nothing in common. After meeting her (I was not hosting and we were at a coffee shop waiting for the host to arrive), she commented that she hoped the host came soon b/c she (the patient) had a long day and just wanted to watch her favorite TV show and go to sleep. I inquired as to the show and she told me “Charmed.” It was my favorite as well! I told her I had the show recoding at home and we both got really excited. I called the host and told her we were going to my apartment (it was a couple blocks away) and we went to my place and watched Charmed until the host arrived. We talked during commercials and I relieved that but for a condom and some health insurance, we were no different at all. It changed how I looked at all future patients who came to NY needing Haven’s help.

4.. You and your sister seem to be friends as well as siblings. Was your relationship with her always that way, or did you two butt heads as kids?

Haha. Ask my mother that one. We tried to kill each other multiple time as children and young adults. For example, I repeat a conversation below that is typical of the kind we had as kids:

Sister: I hate you. I wish you had never been born.
Me (smugly): Well, I am older so if I was not born, you may not have been born.
Sister: Then I hope you drop dead.

5.. You have suddenly become independently wealthy. Where would you live, and what activity(-ies) would you pursue to fill your time?

I think about this all the time – especially when the lottery is above $100 million. I would own a townhouse on the upper west side of Manhattan and a house in CT on the shore. I would SCUBA dive and train dogs. Husband would be a food photographer for Gourmet Magazine. I would have a personal trainer who came to my home every morning and a personal chef to design tasty and healthy meals. I would still be an advocate for the working classes but with my wallet and inevitable political influence and not as a job. I would travel constantly and take classes in writing and baking. I would NOT be stuck in the office on such a beautiful day!


1. Leave a comment saying, "Interview me."

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions (if I don't have your email address, you can email me at *sarad* (at) *tidalwave* (dot) *net* instead). I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

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5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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Suzanne said...

I like your plans for wealth. They sound most enjoyable.