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Friday, May 25, 2007


My belated anniversary present from Husband is a trip to Montreal for the long weekend. I am so excited. We are taking the train from NY to New Haven and feasting on pizza with our parents and then taking Brother’s car on a road trip to Montreal (Brother is in Europe for the summer so I get his car as needed!) Husband has promised to try and control his road rage and we are taking the train to bypass the worst of the NY traffic, so hopefully the trip will be pleasant – as long as he does not ask me to read a map. I am really the world’s worst map reader and it drives Husband nuts.

This weekend is also special for another reason: It is Brother’s 21st birthday. He is heading to Amsterdam with friends to celebrate and I can only imagine that he will remember very little of this particular birthday. Anyway, I wanted to wish him a very happy birthday on the 27th and hopefully he will take a break from binge drinking and semi-legal pot smoking to read this and know that I am thinking of him – even if my cell phone won’t work in Canada.

Happy birthday Brother!!!!! I love you!

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