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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Last night, for the first time in 14 years, I did not watch the State of the Union. In fact, I did not even remember it was on until it was almost over and by then there was no point in watching, even if I wanted to, which I didn’t.

This is not even a commentary on George Bush but a general, “I can’t gather the energy to care anymore” commentary. Yes, I read the newspapers and know what is going on in Iraq. I keep appraised of who is running for what office and their opinions, but having been out of Washington, DC for almost 7 years now, I no longer care about the day to day stuff and, frankly, I find it boring. As such, I am no longer friends with many people I knew in DC, since DC people tend to only talk about politics. I am sorry to all of those folks I bored to death in the past.

Instead of the State of the Union, I watched Girls Next Door – the delightful reality television show about Hugh Hefner’s three 20-something girlfriends and their life in the Playboy Mansion. The girls are so dumb that you can’t help but watch them and laugh, which is, of course, the point of the show.

Last’s night’s episode involved Hef’s mid-summer lingerie party and the upcoming preparations. It also involved a make-over of a sister of one of the girlfriends (they were pretty much interchangeable so I am not sure which was which). During this episode, the sister gets a complete make-over from a cute curly-haired girl with reddish-brown hair and a causal way of dressing, into another Hef girlfriend clone. This is supposed to be an improvement.

Anyway, since there will be no State of the Union commentary from me this year, I thought I would do a Girls Next Door commentary. So, here goes: I find it amazing that these three girls all love together as best friends while dating the same guy. There appears (and this is my first episode so I may be wrong) that there is no jealousy or back stabbing. Everyone loves Hef and he loves everyone and they are all happy.

Also, during the waxing, one of the girls referred to unshaved public hair as a “power muff.” This did not stop her from getting waxed, but she seemed a little excited at the idea of using the term power muff. This was not bleeped out. However, when the waxer asked the sister if she would like her labia waxed, the word labia was bleeped. So, slang for pubes is totally acceptable but apparently the correct terminology for a female body part can not make it past the FCC censors. I thought that was interesting.

Anyway, I am not sure if there are other Girls Next Door watchers out there, but I would love to know why you watch the show and if the girls ever fight…

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Suzanne said...

I would rather gouge my eyes out than watch either.