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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Husband bought me a bicycle for Hanukkah this year (among other things). It is a Specialized Sirrus Sport bike and I love it.

I went riding on Saturday and Sunday of this weekend and, despite the realization that I am totally out of shape, had a blast. I even went so far as to research when Central Park is closed to cars (7pm-7am M-F and all day on weekends) so I know when I can safely ride in the park (I am not so skilled as to want to battle rush hour traffic).

I had a bike before this one. It was a Specialized Rockhopper and I loved it. But alas, it was stolen out of the bike storage room in my old apartment building, despite having several locks and being wrapped in a chain. This is NYC and I knew the risks of leaving a nice bike out of my sight, even if it was in a locked room in my apartment building. The new bike has no lock and chain for the simple reason that it will never be stored anywhere but inside my apartment. And, I am not using it for commuting purposes so it will never have to be locked during the day.

Besides being a very cool new toy, my new bike is an essential component in my plan to be back in shape by August 18th, when Wuzi gets married. I want to look like I did at my wedding (not the dress and make-up, but the chiseled arms and tight butt) for hers. I am back to the gym and thinking of going back to boot camp.

Last night I skipped an appointment with my personal trainer in order to have dinner with Husband. I rarely get to have dinner with Husband so I consider it a worthy trade-off, but I need to go back to when the gym was an appointment I kept as though it was work-related. And, I am back on my diet. No more dessert and no more fried foods. It is a sad fact that I am happier when I am thinner. Not just vanity but also because I feel good about myself and the diet, biking and general exercise plan gets me there.

I think the trick is to come up with an exercise plan that is also fun. That is why the bike is so perfect. I rode six miles on both Saturday and Sunday (I would have done more but without the proper shorts my tooshie really hurt!) and am eagerly waiting for my next ride.

Now if only I can convince Sister to go back to boot camp….


wingin' it said...

I know it's hard, but try exercising first thing in the morning - that way there are fewer excuses. Just try it for a week (45 minutes every morning plus the jog to the corner and back) and it won't be so hard.

And btw, fried food (especially chicken) can and should be a part of every healthy diet :-)

Suzanne said...

The bike sounds awesome! Have many fun rides. I'd go to boot camp with you, but I am afraid of it. Very, very afraid.

Suzanne said...

And I'm sorry, but that chick on the boot camp website is not hot. She is terrifying.