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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thirteen Things about Farf

1…. When I got married last year, I struggled over the decision whether to change my name and only decided to change it when my husband told me he did not care either way.
2…. I am jealous over my sister's sense of style and how she always looks perfectly put together - even when she rolls out of bed on a Sunday morning.
3…. Last night, I got onto the wrong train heading home and did not realize until I got to Queens.
4…. The reason I did not notice I was on the wrong train is that I was fascinated watching the drunk guy who was passed out across a bench snore loudly and with his mouth open.
5…. The reason I am not losing weight on my diet as fast as I should be is because every day at 3pm I eat two oreos.
6…. Fashion magazines have convinced me that if I lose 10 pounds I will be happy for the future but Nabisco ads have convinced me that if I eat two Oreos I will be happy now.
7…. Only several people at work know I blog and no one has the web address. Despite this, I am tereified of being fired so I almost never write about work.
8…. If I were to write about work, my first post would include how my office is freezing cold and often I walk around the library pretending to do research just to get warm.
9…. My favorite advertisement currently on TV is the Wendy's ad where the guy has the itty bitty soda, shakes it and whispers $2.99. It cracks me up.
10…. Sometime I am afraid my husband prefers the dog to me.
11…. My confidence level is a direct reflection of how my nails looks.
12…. I wear fake nails sometimes.
13…. I asked my sister to come up with the thirteenth thing about me and she refused.

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Janean said...

Stopped by from Thursday Thirteen! Nice to meet you...
I like my nails done too. Makes me feel "pretty and feminine" even if I'm not. :D LOL
Have a great week!

amy said...

I liked your list...I am totally into the nails things like janean for the same reasons!

suki said...

If/when I get married, I don't think I will change my name. ;) It will keep people from being confused.

Peoplewatching is fun, but don't let that get you on the wrong train, lol.

Raggedy said...

I am sure he loves you more than the DOG!
Oreos are yummy.
Hugs just cause I think you need one.
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Kimo & Sabi said...

You might fink 'bout gettin' a cat - a cat will prefer you over any 'ol dog!

Husband said...

I love you more than the dog, silly! Well, except when you take up my entire side of the bed or try to warm up your ice-cold hands on my bare back -- then my love is tested.