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Thursday, January 04, 2007

SISTER IS 30!!!!!

Happy Birthday Sister! Today is Sister’s 30th birthday. I am really excited for her to turn 30. I do not like being the only one of my siblings to be my 30’s and since 30 was such an awesome year for me, I am hoping Sister’s year will be similar.

Birthday celebrations abound. Tonight the entire family (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother and Husband) are having dinner at Dos Caminos to celebrate the beginning of her third decade. Then tomorrow night a group of friends are continuing the Mexican food birthday with Margaritas at Mi Niditos. Finally, on the 13th of January, Mother, Sister and I are heading to Mohegan Sun for a spa weekend. (The spa weekend is also a belated Mother’s Day gift).

Happy birthday, Sister. I have known you your entire life and am very excited for you. If nothing else, your hair is more manageable!
Sister in 1977


Husband said...

She's beginning her FOURTH decade, math whiz! That reminds me of the time when you clapped and squawked when you thought you had 21 while playing blackjack in Vegas, and I remarked, 'No hon', you've actually got nineteen" (and you lost). Nothing lost here, but still funny.

Suzanne said...

Hey, I didn't know! Happy 30th, Sister of Farf!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to her. Very cute picture. Have fun and may her 30th year bring loads of luck and wonderful surprises. Peep into my blog for some unique birthday gift ideas.

new mom said...

Happy Birthday to Sister!
Didn't you also clap and squawk when Husband proposed?

mom said...

my baby girl