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Friday, January 12, 2007


I woke up in a fabulous mood this morning, got to work and watched my fabulous mood slide away. No one actually *did* anything to make me mad, it was just the little things that add up. First, there was no skim milk for the coffee. Is this petty? Totally, but I like my coffee with skim (whole milk makes my coffee taste too thick). Then, I walk into my office and the water bottle on my desk (yes, the germ covered water bottle that I have faithfully continued to refill from the fountain for the last several weeks) was gone – clearly thrown out by the cleaning staff. Now, I know that people say you should replace these bottles frequently, but I hate replacing my water bottle on a Friday when that means it will sit in the office collecting more germs over a long weekend. So, I decided not to buy a new water and am thus, sitting at my desk slowly dying of dehydration.

I have no reason to be in a bad mood. I am heading to a spa tomorrow for a day of pampering, have an out-of-town friend visiting tonight and then am spending Sunday having an awesome lunch followed by my girl date. I am 6 pounds from my target weight. Plus, no work on Monday. And, even better, Husband bought me a ticket to London to visit Mara and I am so excited I don’t even care that the flight is on American Airlines and I have to fly them a mere two months after vowing to be done with them forever. Who cares because I…am…going….to….London!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!!

However, I am cranky so I decided to blog today about things the annoy me. Not big things like racism or the drycleaner losing the jacket to your favorite suit, but those little things that turn a good mood into a foul mood.

Food: I am allergic to peanuts. If I ask you if something has nuts, do not guess. And, people who do not realize the peanut butter cookies contain nuts are just stupid. I really prefer not to die because someone else is a moron – although likely, that it how it will happen. Oh, and is it too much to ask that if I put a sandwich in the work refrigerator that you don’t put your frozen entrée on top of it and smoosh it? Think people! Our work fridge is bigger then my one at home and there is tons of space. Use a different shelf or move my sandwich.

Subway: Walk left, stand right! It is really not that hard. And, move all the way into the train. Otherwise it’s your fault when I bang into you trying to get on so stop glaring at me.

Phone calls: If you call my home phone and I do not answer, it is acceptable to call my cell. However, if I don’t answer my cell, do not call my home phone again. If I am not home, I am not likely to be home a few seconds later and if I did not answer either call, I clearly have no interest in talking to you at that moment. Besides, I never check my home phone messages anyway.

Friends/Family: People who excuse the rude behavior of another by saying “Oh, ignore it. You know how ____ is.” Fine. If I have to make excuses for you because you are rude and everyone puts up with it, then make the same excuse for me when I get mad and put up with it.

Hmmm. You know this exercise has been a little cathartic. My mood is no longer bad. Plus, while writing this I ate my smooshed sandwich (which was still tasty – brie, swiss sprouts, tomato and honey-mustard on a croissant.) and finally bought a bottle of water. Not bad.


Suzanne said...

Ah, so many of your pet peeves are the same things that send me into blong rages. I love it.

And thanks for putting up with American Airlines. It was the cheapest option, though. Other than British Airways. Now I feel guilty that we didn't book on that. Oops.

Mara Clarke said...

I am glad you are braving American Airlines to see me. I hate them too, having once spent 22 hours traveling from Chicago to Newark on AA, only to arrive sans luggage after being routed to LaGuardia and then bussed to Newark. I think I was around 12 at the time. . . .