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Friday, January 26, 2007


I stole a co-workers space heater so my fingers have finally thawed enough to type.

Six year ago I needed shots for a trip to Peru and my sister introduced me to the man who became my general practitioner. I love him. I have never said that about a doctor before. I hate doctors. I am terrified of them and my blood pressure shoots up considerably when around one. This is not something I can understate. My doctors watch me crumple into a crying mess, huddled in the corner in fear as soon as they enter the room. This is because the thing I am most terrified of in life is needles and, even when I don’t need a shot or blood work done, I am convinced the doctor will suddenly order it.

I am so scared that once, after fainting several times on the street, I refused medical treatment because it would require an IV. (Note: The medical intervention was clearly not required since the fainting never happened again).

This is why I love Dr. Jason Kendler. He understands my phobia and never requires unnecessary medication or injections. He even gave me a strategy for handling the epi-pen shots I need to give myself if I accidentally ingest a peanut (and his strategy of deep breaths and relaxation works better then the previous method of waiting until I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen).

I also love Dr. Kendler because he is a good person. He really cares about his patients. Once, when I was first dating Husband, I had an ultra-conservative OBGYN who required me to come into the office in order to obtain the morning after pill. She did not have an appointment available until the following week. Despite my pleas (and explanation that the morning after pill was not effective a week later) she refused to change her mind. I called Dr. Kendler and explained the situation. Thirty minutes later there was a prescription waiting for me at the local Duane Reade. He then referred me to a new OBGYN.

I could go on and on about all the wonderful things Dr. Kendler has done for me and how great he has been when I am sick (not to mention how cute he is!) but it makes me sad because he can no longer be my doctor. I recently found out that Dr. Kendler is leaving to start is own practice and will not be taking my insurance. I am devastated. I am seriously considering paying out of pocket to see him, but know that is ridiculous.

I would follow Dr. Kendler’s practice anywhere. I would travel to Westchester or Battery Park City to see him and, in this case, I wouldn’t have to. He is a mere cross town bus ride (or $5 cab ride) from my home. So convenient and yet unavailable to me.

So, I guess this is good-bye. Hopefully, I won’t get sick anytime in the near future since I am too scared to see anyone else.

(Note: I am also switching my dentist for health insurance reasons but am not nearly as heartbroken about it.)


Sweet Ol' Hubby said...

Oh, so now you'll be coming to me asking for (more) money to go see your fancy doctor/boyfriend, honeybunch? In the words (well, I suppose, word) of Borat, "Not!"


wingin' it said...

"the thing I am most terrified of in life is needles"...hmmm, what about a clown administering a shot...I bet that ups the terror level just a bit :-)

Sara said...

That is NOT funny. I will have nightmares for weeks now.

Anonymous said...

I have spent much time reading about your oh-so interesting life - makes mine seem quite boring in comparison - It wasn't until reading about the 'anonymous' poster that I knew you could even do such a thing - (I'm not a blogger myself) - sooo... you will certainly NEVER guess who this is - but I have truly enjoyed reading your blogs - you are very talented in your writings - and I would assume in your life in general - Congratulations on all that you have accomplished !!!!!!!!!!!!!
love, an old friend

mara clarke said...

There is nothing worse than losing a good doctor due to insurance reasons! I once lost a dentist the same way, and my phobias are more to do with teeth than needles (once had a dentist decide to drill cavities without any pain medication when I was the ripe old age of 11 and I am still traumatised by it). I feel for you.

montchan said...

I still see my old dentist in NJ, even if it requires twice yearly trips to the US and paying cold hard cash. I simply don't trust anyone else, and especially not here in Sweden.

So, I feel your pain...