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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I have been a lazy blogger lately and, I have to admit it’s because I have gone through life for the last few days simply out of routine. You know where you call up an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and then realize you have nothing to tell her? Well, that is how I have been feeling.

Mostly, this is due to my insane work schedule the last week or so. I have been billing an average of 10 hours a day (and remember, not all time at the office is billable!). Yes, I know to big corporate lawyers like Husband and Father, this is nothing, but to little old me, it is insane.

The worst part of the recent work schedule involved the cancellation of a social appointment to which I was very much looking forward – my “girl date” with N. Husband and I met N and her husband when we all coincidentally signed up for a couples cooking class at the JCC. The fact that N still wanted to be friends after she witnessed Husband and Brother-in-Law cracking up at jokes that no one else thinks are funny, is a testament to the fact that she must be incredibly tolerant.

Anyway, N was wearing a fabulous Burberry coat (seriously, I have been coveting it for months!) and I complimented her on it and then we started talking. We exchanged email addresses and made plans to grab a glass (or two) of wine on Monday night. Sadly, I worked until almost 11pn so I had to cancel. N was totally good natured (her husband has a job similar to Husband’s job and thus, she is used to work interfering with social plans).

We rescheduled our girl date so at least we can still have can have to get to know each other over a bottle of wine, but I looked really cute. I was in a suit for work, but it was flattering and trendy and I even wore make-up and blew out my hair (Sister would be proud!). I was more nervous for this date then for any date I’ve ever been on with a boy.

I know some would say it is ridiculous that I went to so much trouble for someone that, if they are to really become my friend, needs to like me for me and not for my clothing, but I was nervous. Making new acquaintances is easy, but making new friends is hard and I wanted to make a good impression.

So we are rescheduled for Sunday evening. Now, what to wear….


NEW MOM said...


montchan said...

Your writing totally makes me smile!!!

Peg said...

Girlfriend, don't all we women dress for other women? ;-)

Have a blast on Sunday. I have found that it's truly a challenge as an adult to make other female friends.


mom said...

i still get dressed up to go out with my girl friends. if i didnt most of my nice clothes would stay hidden in my closet. besides, isnt the point to make your friends just a titch jealous when you show up in something new and cute that they didnt know you had purchased.