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Monday, November 13, 2006


I am really busy at work this week and seeing a long night ahead of me, I did what any normal person would do. I put aside work and began to work on my blog. I hate looming deadlines and all they make me do is procrastinate until panic sets in and I am forced to work. Part of my procrastination effort involves reading the comments on my blog and posting comments for other people.

In doing this, I realized that numbers have taken over my life. No, in case you were wondering, I do not work in a math-related field (frankly, one of the reasons I went to law school was a possibility of a career without math or numbers of any kind – that is what paralegals are for!) but numbers control my life nonetheless. Well, they control my self-esteem anyway. You see, today is a good day because the number on the scale was low and the number of comments on my blog was high. Really, those are two numbers I check daily to see if I will emerge with my self-esteem intact or if I will eat cookies and stare out the window in an attempt to feel better, thus increasing the number on the scale and lowering the potential comments through poor writing or none at all and continuing a terrible cycle.

Actually, I noticed today that when Husband comments on my blog, the comment level is usually higher. Now, whether that is because he only comments on particularly engaging blog entries or because he stimulates conversation, I have not really looked into. He is commenting more while laid up post-surgery, so at least there is an upside to all of this for me.

In a tribute to Husband’s bolstering of my self-esteem, I thought I would bolster his and list a few things that I noticed about him when we first met that made me know he was the right guy for me.

1. He always lets me have the front seat, no matter how small the back is.
2. Even though he hates when people use his utensils, he always offers me a bite of whatever he is eating.
3. He thinks I am funny.
4. When I needed him to write a recommendation for me for an apartment, he wrote a real one and a spoof that was so funny it made me cry.
5. He is incapable of feigning interest in anything.

There are, of course, may other reasons but these were the first five I could think of.

Ok, I have procrastinated for long enough with nothing that exciting to say. I guess my only option is to return to work.


Husband said...

You are very sweet, and I love you. Now get back to work!

Suzanne said...

You make me jealous. First, your scale numbers are about the same as mine and I am significantly shorter than you. Second, you get lots of comments and grew a blog fan-base very quickly. Of course, it is because you are a good writer, and deserve it, but I am still jealous.