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Friday, November 03, 2006


Sometime I think I am living in a South Park episode. In case you live in a cave, I will fill you in on the latest religious scandal. As reported in CNN.com and pretty much everywhere else today, Rev. Ted Haggard, who resigned as one of the nation's top evangelical leaders, admitted this morning he had contacted male prostitute Mike Jones for a massage and bought drugs from him. He vehemently denies having ever had gay sex with Jones, but readily admitted to buying drugs.

And yet, it gets better. Rev. Haggard’s church opposes gay marriage and seeks a Constitutional Amendment to prevent it.

Let me try and understand. Homosexual sex with prostitutes is bad. Loving committed relationships with rights and benefits between two people of the same sex is anti-American. Dangerous and illegal drugs are fine.

I also love the good Reverend’s comment that he bought the Meth and never used it. He says he was “tempted” but claims that he never used drugs – even in high school. Maybe this is where he went wrong. You see, high school is when you are supposed to experiment, as a teenager – not as an adult in a position of influence.

I wouldn’t even know where to buy Meth. It’s not like you can just call 1-800-DRUGS4U and have some Meth delivered. You have to know where to go. Dealers don’t advertise so I have trouble believing someone just decided to meet a dealer for Meth one day. You have to really try and find it.

On the other hand, if Rev. Haggard is telling the truth and this is his first foray into drugs, then I have to admire his tenacity. Most teenagers start with marijuana or something similar and leave it at that. Not Rev. Haggard. He skipped the “soft” stuff and even passed on typical party drugs like Coke and E. (Too 1980’s for him, maybe?) Nope. He went right to Meth. Way to jump right in with both feet Reverend.

So, in sum: As a religious and spiritual leader, it is totally fine to purchase drugs as long as you don’t have homosexual sex. It’s folks like Ted Haggard that keep shows like South Park on the air.


BROTHER said...

Again, I feel as though you've run out of ideas. Some more suggestions:
1) A 4 star wide reciever from Denver just listed Georgia Tech as his top choice school.
2) Georgia Tech's game in several hours against NC St. is one of their biggest in a long time.
3) Lorenzo Edwards, the #1 linebacker in the country is still considering Georgia Tech.

mara said...

A note to brother - perhaps you should be reading www.cstv.com or sportsillustrated.cnn.com? That is wehre I would be going to find the kind of stories you are looking for . . .

Peg said...

You know, I totally love the South Park analogy! It's so true!

Yeah, he contacted him for drugs and a 'massage', but never had sex and threw the drugs away.

Give me a break. My husband finds it exceedingly amusing that this is happening to such a right-wing-uptight-ultra-conservative -evangelical freak. And I've got to agree with him--it simply illustrates the point that live taken to the extreme, any extreme, is damn near impossible to live up to 24/7/365.

Although not sports-oriented, I still enjoyed your entry!


Suzanne said...

Hmmm, I never experimented with drugs in high school and I have a good idea of where to buy the Meth (you are thinking too East Coast on this issue; in rural America, it is as easy to find as pot is here, not that I'd know where to find that). But your point is well taken. Down with the hypocrits!