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Monday, November 27, 2006


In the last few months, I have heard less and less from some family members, including Cousin M. I chalked it up to everyone being busy and not having as much time as we used to have – afterall, Cousin M just opened his own business – but then a few family members informed me that they don’t call anymore because they read this blog and figure they know what’s been going on in my life. Hmm, go figure.

Usually, I don’t take topic requests. If people ask me to write about something, I smile and ignore them. But, this year, like others since Husband and I began dating, I has to split my Thanksgiving weekend between our families, so I will honor the request from Cousin M (who also had to split his day between our family and Love of His Life’s family and thus was late to our celebration) and tell him about my Thanksgiving and what he missed by being late…

Cousin M, Sister, Brother, Much Ado About Nothing and a few others in my extended clan have a Thanksgiving tradition. They get up very early and run a 5-mile race through Manchester, CT. Well, run may be a strong statement but suffice to say that they eventually cross the finish line. Last year, for the first time in my memory, they did not participate. After all, it was a blizzard and people were being asked to stay off the roads. This year it was raining. Maybe they have all gotten old or maybe they just prefer to sleep in, but again, no one participated. Again, they claimed inclement weather. So, Sister was home long before any other people arrived.

Brother was ill all weekend with a nasty virus that had been unaffected by antibiotics and he barely came out of his room all day. That meant it was much calmer as my mother prepared for the hordes to descend, since my brother was not picking at the turkey or stealing shrimp and Mother had nothing to yell at us about. And, because Sister was home, she surveyed my outfit and lack of make-up and sent me back upstairs to change, style my hair and apply foundation. Must have worked because more than one person told me I looked pretty. Thanks Sister!

As usual, when the food was put onto the table, there was a mad scramble to be the first in line and eating. I am proud to say that I was first this year and was eating seconds before some people got firsts. Ha! Andrea’s Jeff (not Geoff – our family is large enough that we have a few folks that share names) tried to save seats at the kids table for his wife and sister-in-law but he could not stand up to Much Ado About Nothing’s pronouncement that seats can not be saved. He did not seem willing to save them with a sacred Hosey (or to non-Spencers, a lugey) so Mari and Michael claimed them. Amy was absent as she had to work and only gets off for the Irish holidays. We brought in some extra chairs and all managed to fit. Next year, we decided to take over the gown-up table.

Father’s deep friend turkey was amazing and Mother’s pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie (both learned in Amish Country) were by far the best portions of the meal. Much Ado About Nothing stole an apple pie to eat locked in my bedroom, but after eating out the middle, decided we were not really hungry and spread the apples around so it looked more full and then put it back out with the other desserts. I laughed thinking of you all eating it.

But then, we had to leave all of you and go spend some time with Husband’s family. So, while you all went off to the movies, we headed south and had yet another meal. This meal, while just as yummy, was far quieter and I began to understand why sometimes, our family gives Husband a small headache. Lots of people = lots of noise. No way around it.

After dinner with Husband’s family (Second Dinner – I feel like a Hobbit!) we met some of his friends at a bar. Cousins A&S and S were all there and it was nice to catch up with even more family. Husband reiterated his belief that we are related to everyone in the world and that we can not go anywhere without meeting one of my cousins.

And then, exhausted and more than a little full, I went to Husband’s parents house and crawled into bed. And that, Cousin M, is what you missed this Thanksgiving.


wingin' it said...

You're right, I did miss it. I missed it a lot.

mom said...

i am still exhausted from the weekend but when everyone left the house was suddenly and disturbingly empty

mara said...

Your thanksgiving sounds like it was grand. Just wanted to make the point that the people who say they do not keep in touch because they read your blog is exactly why I don't write one. Given how seldom people get in touch since we moved, I'd hate to give them one more excuse not to . . . .