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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Normally on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November (also known here in the U.S.A. as Election Day), I would write about the importance of voting and maybe even take a second to stump for my favorite candidates. But this week has been so absurd that another topic presents itself.

About three weeks ago, Tiki developed a limp. Nothing serious and it came and went, but as a precaution, we brought him to the vet. Vet suggested glucosimine for his joints and gave us an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling. We took x-rays and since they did not show a fracture, Vet figured it was either a sprain or a loose patella (kneecap, for the medically disinclined). Nothing to worry about, we were told and something that should fix itself.

Well, the limp did not get better and in fact, it has become worse. The thing is, it is really only bad when he gets up after lying down and it usually does not seem to stop him from running and playing. I went back to the vet with him last night and was insistent that they figure out what is wrong. Tiki is barely more than a year old (not quite 13 months, actually) and an active puppy so he should not be having these issues. After an examination, Vet told me she suspected a tear in one of his ligaments, something for which surgery is the only treatment.

I readily agreed and did not even ask the cost. We have pet insurance, and Tiki is part of my family. You don’t ask the cost of necessary surgery for your kid if you have insurance and savings and, although I am perfectly aware that Tiki is a dog and not a toddler, I am often hard pressed to tell the difference between the two.

Friday morning Tiki and I are meeting with the Orthopedic Dog Surgeon for a consult and if she recommends surgery (as it is expected that she will) then he will have the surgery that day. The recovery period is 8 weeks. Yikes.

Now, in any other circumstance, this post would be filled with my worrying of how he will tolerate anesthesia and of his pain levels (such a even tempered little guy, he did not cry when Vet was manipulating his leg even though she said most dogs yelp uncontrollably) but really I am wondering how I will do it all. You see, Husband is having surgery on his foot on Thursday. Oh, and did I mention that as a election lawyer, this is my busiest week at work? I seriously think I might crack.

Husband’s surgery is to remove a bunion but it will keep him off the foot for a week or so and in bed for the first two days. Now, Husband is actually a really good patient when he is sick, but since he can’t walk, I will have to wait on him for a few days. Actually, until last night, I had been sort of looking forward to playing nursemaid. I bought Husband some comic books and puzzles to occupy him and plan on getting some of his favorite movies together so he can veg in front of the television in a codine-indiced haze.

But now I will have to play nursemaid to the dog as well. And finish a brief. And deal with any election challenges. And I have my very first federal court trial coming up. I remember my mom dealing with three sick kids and a sick husband all at once when I was a kid. It never occured to me that she might be stressed or tired because she was always there to help us. It never occured to me that she herself might need to be the object of sympathy and not us. So, Mom, once again thank you. And, when those who know us think of wishing Husband and speedy recovery or asking how Tiki is feeling, please try and show a little patience and sympathy for me too. Although I am not having surgery, I think I may collapse from exhaustion just thinking about the next few days.


mom said...

If I were you I would head out of Dodge as quickly as possible

Peg said...

Awww...sending out thoughts of speedy healing to both your hub & Tiki.

Sometimes we don't appreciate all that our moms juggled when we were kids until we find ourselves doing the same juggling act...cheers to your mom, who clearly raised a hellova gal!

new mom and new dad said...

Don't fret! We'll be there to help.