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Thursday, November 09, 2006


So I saw this on Peg's blog and thought it was really cool

Thirteen Things about Farf

1. I will be surprised if this turns out looking like I want because I have no clue how html or other internet codes work.

2. I took sign language in college because there was a really cute deaf boy I had met and wanted to be able to talk with him. As soon as I knew enough to strike up a conversation, I found out what a jerk he was and never spoke with him again.

3. Purple is my favorite color and I often find myself being drawn to purchase thinkgs I do not need because of their color.

4. I worked in Democratic politics for years and this year, when my political activity was limited to legal consulting, I found myself really missing the political life. Husband does not vote and I see this as a direct assualt on my politics.

5. In high school, I hated a girl named Rachel so I bought a troll doll and affixed one of those "high my name is" stickers on which I worte in Rachel's name. I then humg it in effigy from my bedroom ceiling.

6. Husband had surgery today and, although he is feeling fine, I played up how much pain he was in so that my boss would not ask me to come back to work after picking him up at the surgical center.

7. I am more nervous for my dog's knee surgery tomorrow than I was for Husband's surgery today and I feel guilty about that.

8. In college, I took a class on Middle East Politics and missed the final due to illness. My professor worked in the UAE embassy and most of his exam questions regarded the UAE. I cheated on the exam by copying the information out of the books that were lying around his office.

9. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because all my cousins get together. Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday because I love fireworks. I find most Christmas displays to be tacky.

10. My biggest fear in life is getting a needle (blood drawn, injection, etc). When I have to give myself an epi-pen shot after an allergic reaction to peanuts, I usually wait until I am about to stop breathing before I do it.

11. I am excited that the Democrats won the House and Senate, but I am more excited that CSI is on television tonight.

12. I have a wrinkle in the skin covering my right cornea and, as a result, everything always looks fuzzy out of that eye. Sometimes I like to close my left eye and look at the world all fuzzy.

13. My self-image is directly tied to the number on the scale everyday.

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Jenny-up the hill said...

I love the troll doll "named" Rachel..too funny! Thanks for sharing your list!

Sadie said...

It's a good list! And it looks perfect to me...

Welcome to TT!

Susan said...

I liked the cornea one best - sometimes I take my glasses off for the same reason - also this way even tho I know I'm in plain view of the rest of the world, I _feel_ like I'm not since I can't see them :) Here's to altering our perspectives!!

s@m said...

Oh, I hate needles too!

I hope your dog's surgery goes well tomorrow and I hope your husband is on the mend fast!

Happy TT!

amy said...

YOu did a great job..sorry about the boy

Peg said...

*snickers at the troll doll* We may well have hung out in H.S.!!

Hope your pooch does ok today and that hubby is recovering nicely! Oh, and you know, it looks like both your eyes are fuzzy--I saw that pic below of you and hubby! LOL

HTML looks great, BTW, so it seems you did just fine! Great List!

Suzanne said...

Husband does not vote!?!?!? My Husband and I are mortified. Oy. Well, I hope he has a speedy recovery and all goes well with Tiki.