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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Husband is downstairs working on a deal. Some corporation wants to buy another corporation and Husband is helping work out the details of the financial transaction, or some such nonsense. To me, very boring stuff. I too should be doing work as I have to become a RICO expert by Monday for a case on which I am working. Instead, however, I am blogging and worrying about Tiki’s continued limp, for which no one had provided me a satisfactory explanation.

And of course, I am dreaming about tomorrow. Monday is Husband and my six-month anniversary. Half way through what is supposed to be the hardest year of marriage and going strong. Tomorrow we are doing a mini-celebration.

Every year since we first started dating, Husband and I take a fall drive up to Bear Mountain. We have a picnic lunch at the base and then proceed to hike to the top. Supposedly there is a well-marked easy trail up and down, but we have never found it. Instead, the first year, we lost the trail entirely and pulled ourselves to the top over waterfalls and through heavy brush. Imagine the surprise of the people driving on the road when our heads popped up over the side. Imagine our surprise to find there was a road at all! We then drive through Terrytown, Sleepy Hollow and Dobbs Ferry, go grocery shopping in the suburbs where prices are lower and head home. No cell phones or blackberrys allowed. It is always a wonderful day. And this year, we are making it even better with a dinner at Blue Hills at Stone Barns.

So tonight, on a Saturday night, I am home avoiding work while Husband is actually productive. If we get any good pictures, I will post them.

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Peg said...

Happy Six-Month-aversary!!

When you've found the one, the first year isn't as hard as they say! Best to you both!