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Friday, November 03, 2006


I have begun a long term affair. Really, it started as a fling – a one time indiscretion – but it was so good that I will be back. Yes, I committed the ultimate adultery and cheated on my hairdresser.

But really, affairs never happen in a vacuum, right? Obviously Dennis’ high prices and lack of availability is the culprit. Although wouldn’t a loyal client overlook a few times when there were no appointments to be had?

When I first moved to NYC, I needed someone to cut and highlight my hair and tried a few places, but wasn’t really happy with the outcome at any of them. The thing is, my hair turns a grey-ish ash really easily when being colored and most folks don’t realize that in advance. Plus, I am a hair retard. I don’t really know how to do anything with it other than blow dry or ponytail, so my styles, which often look fabulous in the salon, look like a disaster the next day. So, I decided to take extreme measures. I would ask strangers on the street who had pretty hair where it was cut. Imagine my surprise when the first three people I asked (all unknown to each other) told me “Dennis cuts my hair and Shari highlights it.” Wow. With that endorsement, I made my first appointment five years ago and never looked back. They even taught me how to wear my hair curly so I would have an option besides blow dry or ponytail. Dutifully, I went back every 8 weeks or so.

When it was time for my wedding (almost exactly six months ago!) I made sure my appointments were booked. My hair was seriously stunning that day. (No joke, I was at a wedding last weekend where the bride told me she took a picture of my hair to her hairdresser and told him to copy it – Dennis and Shari are hair geniuses). But the downhill slide was subtle. Fist, Shari stopped working weekends so I had to see Ezzie for highlights (who, in fairness, was trained my Shari and is almost as good). But then disaster struck. My last appointment with Ezzie was cancelled that morning because of a family emergency on her part. While I respect that, no one ever called me back to reschedule. So, when I called this week to see if she was free this Saturday (she is), I tried to make a haircut appointment as well. No luck. Not just Dennis, but not a single stylist could cut my hair. Nor could anyone do it next weekend.

In desperate need of a haircut – it had been like 4 months – I called Gia. Gia has been cutting my sister’s hair for years and although she does a good job on Sister, we have very different style and I was nervous. Gia was fabulous. I could get an appointment the next day and she was $30 cheaper than Dennis. Plus, I was late and she was totally cool with it. So, tomorrow I have my appointment for color with Ezzie, but what I can’t tell her is that in 6 weeks, I am going to try Gia for color as well. She will even make 7pm appointments and work until 11pm, if necessary.

Maybe it’s more than a simple affair. Maybe, at least for now and depending on how she does my color, it’s not a mere affair but the real thing.


Suzanne said...

Hey, man. That's the way it goes. I think Dennis will understand. As for me, I can understand the commitment one feels to aperson who cuts your hair well. Unfortunately, the person who cuts my hair well (and at a reasonable price, I may add) is a fucking lunatic, and as I recently discovered, a racist lunatic at that. I am not sure that I can handle going back to him again. It's one thing to fear being stabbed in the neck by your haircutter because he is in the middle of an acid flashback, but something entirely different to provide income to a person who insists that non-white people are incapable of doing skilled labor. That is a moral issue.

BROTHER said...

I think you've run out of things to write about. May I offer some suggestions:
1) Geogia Tech beat Miami last Saturday and now controls its own destiny to win the ACC and go to the Orange Bowl.
2) Georgia Tech is currently #20 in the country.
3) Georgia Tech yesterday got a committment from the #1 player in Pennsylvania and one of the top defensive ends in the country. He picked Tech over Penn State and Ohio State.

Peg said...

I need to find a good hairdresser. I moved to NH two years ago, and finally went for a cut with a girl (child? She was SO young!) who I liked. She's a stepmom like I am, and we had some funny stories to share and she did a decent job giving me a trim.

However, she did NOT do a great job when I wanted something different. I still lament that haircut from back in JULY, and I've not been for any kind of hairdressing since.

*sigh* It's November. Although my hair is not 2 inches long anymore, thank god, I need a style. Maybe I'll hunt down Gia LOL. Although, with further consideration, I really ought to find a hairdresser in my region!!