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Friday, September 22, 2006


I spent most of yesterday afternoon and last night trying very hard not to vomit publicly. The mere thought of food made my stomach turn and made me feel physically ill. (Hence, the only available weight loss technique available to me is anorexia and not bulimia and certainly not exercise!) But I learned a valuable lesson.

Picture the scene: I am having lunch with Wuzi and talking her through a fight she had with her mom regarding wedding planning (happily, all resolved as of this posting). We are in our favorite lunch place, taking in the yummy and healthy organic buffet offerings. We each get the baked salmon.

Wuzi (upon taking a bite): This salmon tastes funny.
Me (shoving huge portion in my mouth): You are crazy
Wuzi: I am not eating it.
Me: I like it and will eat yours.

Fast forward 45 minutes and I am hanging over the toilet at work and praying for a swift death. Ugh, even writing this, I want to retch.


New Mom said...

For some reason I always sniff fish before I cook it or eat it. For that matter, I do the same with meat. However, if anything tastes the teensiest bit odd, that's it for me.
Once had a lobster that met all the above criteria. The waiter removed it immediately and replaced it with whatever. (Hope he didn't spit on the whatever!)
Remember a time in Costco standing in line with New Dad - never go there alone - when I was encompassed by a dead/fishy/rancid/vomit-worthy odor. The woman behind me had a huge package of fish. Costco, remember. I had to suggest to her that it had an "off" odor. I encouraged her to tell the mananger to throw it out and exchange it for a package that smelled fresh. P U begins PUKE!

Suzanne said...

Oh my. Hope you are feeling better. We should talk soon.