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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


In times of crisis, you really know who your friends are. This was proven to me last night when Suzanne came to my rescue not once, but twice.

First, it must be noted that Suzanne gives good phone. I was hormonal and in the midst of a crying jag when, on a whim, I called Suzanne to complain about all that is wrong in the world. She listened, acknowledged that some of my crankiness was justified and some was not and then made me laugh. Exactly what I needed. Plus, she is completely open to the fact that my feelings may change instantly and tomorrow I will no longer be cranky, whether or not it was justified. In my book, she was already the hero of the evening and upon hanging up the phone I decided that my mood had sufficiently recovered and instead of putting myself to bed, I would flip through People Magazine.

It must be noted that while on the phone with Suzanne, Tiki the Wonder Dog, who is normally silent and sleepy at 11pm, kept growling at the fireplace in an uncharacteristic manner. Suzanne suggested I may have a poltergeist, which turns out may have been preferable to the truth.

After hanging up the phone and picking up my People (you know it will be a good one after the Emmys because there are so many outfits to look at – amazing that even 6 months pregnant Heidi Klum looks spectacular), Tiki resumed his weird growling. And that is when it happened. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something grey and furry scurry from the fireplace behind the TV. I screamed and the mouse ran. I jumped on the couch and started to cry (This was not hormonal. I am terrified of roaches and mice). I called Husband but he was stuck at work. (Note: He has not been home either time I spotted a mouse in the apartment and thinks I am crazy). Sister lives too far away and could not get to me in time. Then, like a flash and without even thinking that perhaps she would be sleeping, I called Suzanne who, within seconds, dressed, walked up the block and knocked on my door.

Suzanne was the strength to my mush. She immediately tracked the mouse, which had run under the stove and stuck her head on the floor to look. So brave! She went though the apartment looking for holes and points of mouse entry and built a mouse barricade. She reassured me that said mouse could not climb the steps to the bedroom and I would be safe there. Then she offered to come back if the mouse returned. Above and beyond.

Tiki and I retreated to the safety of the bedroom and waited for Husband (who actually saw the mouse when he got home, proving I am not insane). Hopefully the Super will come today so I can finally rest and Suzanne won’t need to sleep with the phone by her pillow. She is my hero for the week!


Suzanne said...

Aw shucks. It was nothing. Roaches gross me out, but I am not afraid of them nor mice, which I think are kinda cute. And in exchange, you did offer to come to my apartment if it is invaded by spirits, which terrify me. (In theory they terrify me anyway. I have been fortunate enough to not have any run-ins with spirits thus far in life.) I think that is extremely brave of you!

Although if Husband saw a critter this morning, my barricade system must not have been very effective. sorry about that.

New mom said...

Would Tiki like a kitty sister or brother? Seriously, ask Husband about the time he made his dad trap a mouse in a brown bag (Stop & Shop) and return it to the great outdoors. Of course, the mouse returned the next day. Traps work well.