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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I keep getting hits on Google from people looking up things about Shiba Inus. Today, someone who stopped by came to this blog because of a Google search for “Shiba Inus jump out windows.” In case whoever this is comes back, I want to make your search simple. Shiba Inus jump out of windows, over doggie gates and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Take for example, my beloved Shiba, Tiki. When Tiki first came home with Husband and I, we dutifully read every book on how to raise a happy puppy and decided on confinement training. Tiki would be left in the kitchen with food, water and wee wee pads (think of it like a huge crate) while we were at work. The first day of that plan, I came home only to find the gate up but the puppy gone from the kitchen. Instead, he was bounding over to me (after having left several “presents” on the living room floor). He had jumped over the puppy gate and hung around all day in the living room. Later that night, when both Mommy and Puppy needed a break from each other, I put him back in the kitchen. But Tiki was not to be confined. He jumped the gate, trotted over to the couch and resumed chewing on Husband’s slipper.

We ended up buying a second gate and putting one on top of the other so that he could not escape!

But the jumping did not end there. Recently, Tiki and I went to the dog run (not the one pictured below). This dog run has a fence around it that is no less than five feet high, but in some places, next to the fence are benches for the humans to sit on while their doggies run around. I have never before seen or heard of a Shiba jumping this fence. Tiki, not to be hampered by precedent, jumped onto the bench and put his front paw on the fence. As I ran toward him, he leaped over the fence and luckily, landed in the surrounding bushes on the other side where he waited for me to extricate him.

So, to whoever comes to this site looking for information on jumping Shiba Inus, the answer is that they do jump. And they jump high and they jump often so be prepared.

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New Mom said...

He's so bad, ya gotta love him!