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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Father reminded me this morning that when it comes to advice, no one got better advice then Sister's Friend (SF). SF, a heterosexual female, was very close to her grandmother and, as a good granddaughter should, dutifully attended to her grandmother on her death bed. (That would be Grandmother's deathbed, not SF's). SF is a relatively serious person who always is looking for meaning in things, and when her dying grandmother asked her to lean in so she could pass on wisdom before she died, SF would have been thrilled to follow blindly whatever advice she was given.

So, picture the scene: Dying grandmother passing on final words of wisdom to granddaughter eager to hear the secrets learned in more than 80 years on earth.

SF leans in and her grandmother says to her, “If you are going to be a lesbian, you are going to end up with a mouthful of pussy hair.”

Seriously, you can’t make up stuff this good.


Suzanne said...

Thata slays me.

Amy said...

well it's the first time i checked out our website and i'm speechless....you should tell that to our cousin (the one we all suspect)