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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Do you remember when you were a little kid and on the morning of your birthday, you would wake up really early with an excited feeling and just know the day would be special? I sort of feel like that. Now, the light-headedness and euphoria could be from the concussion I suffered this weekend, but more likely, I think it is because tomorrow, I am going to the National League Championship Series (that’s baseball playoffs for the uneducated out there) to watch my beloved NY Mets battle the St. Louis Cardinals for a chance to play in the World Series.

Fans of other teams may not understand the importance of this. Afterall, the Mets were in the World Series six years ago and got creamed by the Yankees. But this time is different. There is no other New York team to overshadow the Mets. Win or lose, it is all about them this year. In a recent “Man on the Street” Interview in the New York Post, someone said of the possibility of another Subway Series, that while he does not root against the Yankees (except when they are playing the Mets), he didn’t want a Subway Series because it felt like you were sharing your birthday with your overbearing cousin who always blew out the candles first and your aunt thought it was cute, but its your birthday too. That is sort of how I felt. Plus, on a totally selfish level, that means I do not have to fight Brother for baseball tickets (although I feel like a bad person to say that since it would be fun to go together since we are the biggest baseball fans in the family).

Sister is much less selfish than me. She really had fun last week watching the Mets beat the Dodgers in the Division Playoffs and, even though she is a Yankees fan, she did a good job rooting for the Mets. When Father got tickets for us to the NLCS, he gave one to me and to Mother and then once to Sister. He also kept one for himself, which is totally fair since they are, technically, his tickets. There was no ticket for Husband. Husband was bummed but good natured about it. Then, without being asked (frankly, neither Husband nor I would have considered asking since Sister had a totally valid claim on the ticket) Sister offered Husband her ticket. That is incredibly nice of her and totally unselfish. See? I told you she is less selfish than me! Husband was so excited about the ticket he pretty much danced a jig down Second Avenue.

So, in sum: Mets awesome. Sister selfless. Husband lucky. LETS GO METS!

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