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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


My guilt from yesterday has vanished now that I know Tiki will be all right. (Huge THANK YOU to everyone who inquired as to how he was feeling and tolerated my first time mommy worrying). He was kept in “down time” all day yesterday in day care, but was still limping when Husband and I came to pick him up for the vet appointment. Other than the limp he was fine though – jumping and running and acting very excited. Of course, being a first time parent and all around hypochondriac, I had immediately assumed the worst and thought that Tiki had Hip Dysplasia or some other horrible thing. But, it turns out that my baby only has a bad sprain on his back right footsie - most probably for attempting to scale the rocks in Central Park over the weekend.

The fix? Anti-inflammatory pills (dipped in honey for easy swallowing) and a solid week of rest. No running, no jumping and no wrestling with his Daddy.

So, while Tiki foot heals, the rest of him is getting restless. It is horrible when you are confined to bed for medical reasons but otherwise feel fine. It makes people cranky and restless and apparently affects dogs the same way. Tiki wants to run and play and pretty much tried to engage every dog he saw on Columbus Avenue this morning in an all out wrestling match.

Maybe it’s the weather, but I have to say that I sort of feel the same way. The concussion banned me from any exercise for two weeks (I have just finished week one) and my muscles are twitching and my legs ache to run, or at least go for a long walk. (I could do the long walks but this time of year, it is too dark after work to walk through the parks and anyway, its cold and the Mets are on television).

I have lost my focus. I feel restless and irritable. Tasks which are normally easy and enjoyable are now annoyingly frustrating and have to be done over and over. A post-hearing brief, one of the easier things I generally have to draft during a day, had taken over a week and is still far from finished. I can’t even motivate to go to the movies.

So, I sit here at work, procrastinating again, and staring out the window as it drizzles slightly and eagerly anticipating that first Sunday in November when Husband and I go for a long walk through Westchester. In the end, I think all either Tiki or I really need is a change of scenery.


new mom said...

Those little stick model legs are so delicate (of course I wouldn't know. Kiss my dollboy for me.

new mom said...

I meant: (of ouurse I wouldn't know).

montchan said...

sigh of relief here!

new mom said...

I meant: (of course I wouldn't know). Hope I got it right this time. It's a killer being a teacher!