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Friday, October 20, 2006


I am really sad today. Watching the Mets lose to the Cardinals last night with the bases loaded int he bottom of the ninth ripped out my heart. I started to cry. Husband cursed and threw his rally towel on the ground. The loss was made all the worse because the Mets had been so close to winning. The biggest disappointments can only come on the heels of a euphoric high.

Sitting near me during the game was a child of about 7 who, even at the lowest mements of the game, kept reminding his father that "You gotta believe." When Beltran struck out looking to end the season, he turned to his father, eyes full of tears and whispered, "But Daddy, you said this was a magic season."

So, with that poignant moment, ends another baseball season for me.


new mom said...

New dad and new brother were so upset that neither could sleep that night. I was very upset and disappointed. So close and then...There is always next year.

Suzanne said...

The sad reason that I took to the Mets so easily when I moved to NYC is because they are so much like my beloved Cubs.