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Monday, October 16, 2006


I don’t think I can have children. The guilt is too great. Right now, Husband and I are the happy and proud parents of Tiki, our cute, smart and totally lovable Shiba Inu. Although deep down in our hearts, we know he is a dog and not a child, we can not help but treat him as our first baby. He had a first birthday party, complete with cake and ice cream, goodie bags and other doggie friends. He goes to day care during the day and we willingly change social plans if we think that Tiki will be too inconvenienced . Last night, while watching the Mets game, Tiki stretched out on the couch and Husband sat on the floor so the dog could nap undisturbed. Get the picture?

Late last night, Tiki developed a limp. He was fine all day, playing in Central Park, going for a jog with me though Riverside Park and chasing other dogs in the dog runs. He was fine when we got home and seemed perfect until he got up from his nap. Then, he started to limp. At first, Husband and I figured that his foot fell asleep but the limp did not really get better. And this morning, he could barely walk.

He did mange to walk to day care and his leg seemed to get batter as we walked, but then when he tried to lift his leg to pee, he could not stand on the injured leg. At day care today, they told me he was whimpering and having trouble walking. We have a vet appointment at 8pm this evening. I know Tiki is being well taken care of until then, but I can not help but worry that something is seriously wrong with him and I am wondering if I should leave work and run his to the doggie ER (yes, we have one of those nearby) for X-rays. I feel awful that Tiki is crying and I am not there to comfort him and scratch his chin the way he likes.

I am trying to be responsible. I have two briefs due this week as well as a hearing so to leave now would mean I work until 4am every day this week. But I am having trouble focusing because my little man is in pain. And he is the dog. What will happen if I ever have human children? It’s my first taste of working mom guilt and I don’t like it.


montchan said...

I hear ya! Our cat has been a little loopy today and threw up at lunchtime, and I called the vet. We went in had blood work done, pee tested, and it turned out to be acid reflux. He ate too much too fast. I've been a paranoid cat mother for 8 years now. I know how you feel.

I hope your baby will be fine!

Please tell us what happened at the vet's.

Suzanne said...

I hope that Tiki will be OK. I am sure that he will.

With kids, its good for them to learn how to deal with things on their own, while at the same time knowing that they can rely on you wheen they really need help. If you are there for them every second of the day, it does not help foster independence. I'm sure that knowing that does not help with the guilt, but it really does not hurt kids. So stop worrying!

new mom said...

Grandma feels guilty for not checking your blog more than once in one day. The news about Tiki made me ill, but fortunately, I read through today's blog and realized it was nothing too serious. I do feel badly for my little woofer and for his parents.