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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


After much nagging my Husband and colleagues, I went to a neurologist for my head injury this morning. Dr. Safdieh was really nice and even understood that I wrote down the wrong address and was therefore 30 minutes late. He suggested I blame it on the concussion and don’t worry about it. See? Very nice. It turns out that I do have a concussion (which I self-diagnosed) and damage to the Occipital nerve, which basically means my eyes are not traveling together so things look blurry and like double vision. I guess I won’t be pinch-hitting at tonight’s baseball game.

For those of you that are curious, the Occipital nerve is pictured to the left. I am not sure how smacking the top of my head injured a nerve way down here in my neck or how something all the way over there controls my eyes, but I didn't ask these questions and the good doctor did not offer explainations of the mechanics. Perhaps I should have paid more attention in biology class.

Anyway, this is something that fixes itself eventually and I need to not do anything that may cause brain damage for the next couple of weeks. This includes going to the gym or anything that would make my brain bounce around. So, no more working out for me for a while. Unfortunately, I recently settled into a happy routine of eating cookies and ice cream and then just going to the gym for a while. So no gym means no more cookies and ice cream. And no more pizza for lunch.

In an effort to not gain too much weight during my gym hiatus, I have restarted my food diary. Back when I was trying to lose weight for my wedding, I kept a food diary of everything that went into my mouth (insert dirty joke here) and that helped me keep better track of what I was eating. Yesterday I had a salad, 4 chocolate chip cookies and an ice cream sundae and then some candy. Not exactly a healthy eating day. Today, so far (and remember it is not yet lunch) I have had only coffee and water. But when I walked into the office, I suggested to Fellow Associate that we go out for lunch so I am sure burgers and fries will follow. (Note: I just had lunch it is was actually cheese tortellini in spicy sauce with melted cheese on top. Yum.) My goal is to be back at my wedding weight by December 3rd so I can stuff myself silly when Husband, Photogenic Friend and Photogenic Wife head to Boston for the weekend. Not that some silly goal will keep me from eating hot dogs at tonight’s baseball game. Posted by Picasa


SWCNBN said...

it's very hard to read a blog with a cadaver head in the middle of the page.

Sara said...

I dod not know it was a cadavaer until you told me! I thought it was a sculpture!