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Monday, October 23, 2006


This weekend taught me a valuable lesson. Bar Mitzvahs are way more fun than weddings. The music is better and you get cool hats and blow up guitars with which to play. Plus, nothing strokes your ego like having a 13 year old call you skinny in the bathroom.

Husband, Sister, Brother and I all spend the weekend with Mother and Father in Connecticut so we could attend the Bar Mitzvah of a close family friend. Tiki, although not invited to the festivities, seemed to have the best time as he ran out in the country and chased balls and squirrels.

But, if it is not one thing, it is another with this dog. He was totally normal on Sunday, running around, playing and taking up the entire couch for his naps. So, Husband, Sister, Mother, Father and I all went to see Flags of Our Fathers. (Note: This movie was very boring and I really don’t recommend it unless there is absolutely nothing else to do. Who cares what the names were of the guys who raised the flag? I never knew who they were to begin with.) When we returned, Tiki was lethargic and shaking. We rushed to the doggie emergency room, where after extensive blood work and x-rays, they determined that he had a slight fever and a possible intestinal blockage – most likely from eating a “foreign body”

Agh! We just recovered from sprained ankle and now this! I am pleased to report that Tiki feels much better today. The fever is down and he is back to acting normally. And, he successfully passed the test where he does not eat for 24 hours (If he got sick, he would fail, but my doggie just got hungry) so whatever poor creature met its end at the teeth of my puppy, is passing through. I can’t wait to see what it was. :)

Mother was amazing and drove Husband, Tiki and I to the ER and waited with us and Father was patient and waited at the house for us to come back so as to give us all a ride back to NYC.

But then I was nervous. Husband and I were supposed to head to CA for a friend’s wedding next weekend, and even though Husband’s parents are excellent dog sitters, I did not want to leave my baby alone. But then, Husband’s work interfered, not an unexpected event, and our 4 day trip was shortened to two days. All would right itself! But now, as of today, it looks like our trip is cancelled. Too much money to change the flights and not enough time to make the wedding. Sigh.

I was really looking forward to the trip. I need a vacation. People keep reminding me that I “just took a honeymoon” but that was almost 6 months ago and I don’t think it is selfish to want a weekend away. Poor Husband though. He really needed it more than I did.


new mom said...

I guess I won't need the keys to your place afterall. I was so looking forward to puppysitting! Feel bad for u 2, but feel worse for me.

Sara said...

You are still welcome to come for a visit!