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Monday, October 09, 2006


I am left-handed. According to Stanley Coren, this makes me more likely to die in a power tool accident (as seen as last week’s episode of CSI) and generally more clumsey than people who are right-handed. In fact, Dr. Coren’s book, The Left-Hander Syndrome, makes the claim that people who are left-handed die, on average, 9 years earlier than right-handed folks. At least, while alive, us left-handers tend to be more creative. Super.

There has been much written to discredit Dr. Coren, but yesterday, I was a walking advertisement for his theory. Now generally, I am the clumsiest person I know of, but my injuries are often minor – stumbling over nothing on the sidewalk and scraping my hands and knees, bumping into furniture and developing mystery bruises, etc. Very rarely do I cause lasting injury. Anyway, as any reader of the blog (or anyone who knows me in person) can attest, I am a rabid Mets fan and was very excited when the Mets swept the Dodgers to win the NL Eastern Division and advance to the NLCS. Serious good times. I was so excited on Sunday when talking about the Mets, that I jumped up on the steps of my apartment and smacked my head on the low ceiling. And I mean I really clopped myself. Everything went black for a second and I got really dizzy. I started to throw up. I could not shake the dizziness. I had a concussion.

So, to sum up. I got excited and jumped on steps which I have walked up and down countless times, knocked myself out and caused traumatic brain injury. And, depressingly, it had nothing to do with which hand I use to write.

And, while I am feeling much better today, I am still slightly dizzy and my vision is blurred. But of course, according to WebMD, the only treatment for a concussion is to rest and since it’s not like my job involves much activity, I am sitting at work nursing a headache. I wonder at what point I am supposed to seek medical attention. Do you think that I need to put left-handedness down on insurance applications as a pre-existing medical condition?


wingin' it said...

It's amazing that you survived ice-skating lessons

Sara said...

Its amazing I survived childhood. I called the doctor and have an MRI scheduled later today!

meme said...

remember how you broke your foot when jumping off the bed. you should not jump.

Suzanne said...

Glad you are feeling better. And as a right-handed clumsy person, I still have a bruise shadow from when I walked into a rack of potato chips at a convenience store almost a month ago.

Husband said...

You must indeed have a concussion -- the Mets swept the Dodgers to win the division series, not the NL East (which they won a while back, during the regular season).

Anyhoo, let's go Mets!