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Thursday, October 05, 2006


I come from a broken home. Oh sure, my parents are married and I am in constant touch with my siblings, but we are deeply fractured. You see, Husband, Mother and I are Mets fans. Brother and Sister are Yankee Fans. Father is a Yankee fan too, unless the Yankees are playing the Dodgers, and then he roots for the Dodgers (harkening back to his Brooklyn days). With both the Mets and the Yankees currently in the play-offs, family discussions have become heated exchanges over who is more useless – A-Rod or Martinez. (Given the Mets current DL, I actually have to go with Martinez on this one).

Father is somewhat the calm in this storm. But he can be smug as he is Purveyor of Post-Season Tickets. As soon as it appeared that both NY teams were likely playoff contenders, Father made the following announcement.

For Mets tickets the priority is: Mother, Me, Husband, Father, Sister, Brother
For Yankees tickets the priority is: Brother, Father, Sister, Mother, Me (Husband would rather poke out his eyes with a retractable pencil than attend).

But what happens if the Yankees and the Mets meet in the World Series? The likelihood is that Father would only be able to get two tickets and maybe four to a world series game. We all lay equal claim. Well, not Mother since even though she is a Mets fan, she roots for Derek Jeter and not sister since she had trouble naming 5 Yankees players the other nights. Oh, I am tossing Husband to the wolves on this one since his work schedule is so unpredictable. So that leaves me, Father and Brother. And Brother lives in Ohio so that leaves me and Father. (Yes, I am sucking up for tickets to my wonderful, smart, handsome daddy who got me tickets for tonight's game and for next Wednesday, assuming the Mets get that far).

In 2000, I went to a Yankees-Mets World Series Game with Sister (Mets won that one!) and it is one of my happiest memories – spending time with Sister and watching my team beat hers. And then getting a seat on the subway on the way home and watching Sister forced to stand for the 50 minute 7-Train ride listening to jeers of “Yankee Fans stand” the whole way. She was a good sport though…

So, what kind of loving daughter/sister/wife writes a blog post just to publicly screw her loved ones out of baseball tickets? But this is what the post-season does to me. So to my fractured family - I love all of you, as long as you are behind me in line for tickets!


brother said...

you may have been a fan longer, but that's a technicality that comes with age. i've been a fan harder and stronger in my time on earth than i'd like to think any other baseball fan anywhere on earth. plus mom and dad bought me a dog, why wouldn't they buy me a plane ticket to nyc for the world series? sorry, farf, to the back of the bus.

Husband said...

Screw my work schedule -- if the Mets are in the World Series, I'm there. I hope that pushes me up the list into the top 4, which is all I need to do.

Sara said...

Brother: I think that Dad would disagree with your impression of my fan level after last night's game. Plus, he said I made the game fun. So there.

Husband: If I were you, I would root for the Yankees since the only way you get a Mets NLS ticket is if the Yankees beat the Tigers.

Suzanne said...

I am so jealous that you are going! Have a great time!

Also, what Brooklynite still roots for the Dodgers after they abandonned their fans? And spit on the Yankees! (spat)! Go Mets!